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LEGO Disney

The LEGO Group has a close relationship with Disney, the parent company of various IPs that have inspired LEGO themes like Star Wars and Marvel. The dedicated LEGO Disney theme focuses on Disney characters from the various animated and live-action TV shows and movies that the company has produced for over a century.

From Disney princesses to the wider world of Disney characters, there’s plenty of inspiration to inspire dozens of sets. While some are aimed more at children, something that’s no surprise from the family-friendly brand, there are also some mighty display-focused sets that are designed to cater to adult Disney LEGO fans.

LEGO Disney sets

LEGO Disney sets cover everything from classic characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse to modern favourites like Encanto’s Mirabel and Wish’s Asha. A major component of the theme are sets centred around Disney princesses, from Aurora to Cinderella.

As many of these sets are child-centred, these characters are minidolls more often than not, appearing in sets geared towards play. Scenes and locations from Disney’s animated movies and TV shows are depicted with colourful books, bringing the vibrant characters to life for young builders.

There are also plenty of LEGO Disney BrickHeadz of beloved characters from the franchise, covering everything from variations of Mickey himself to reimaginings of favourite figures like Stitch – and even some villains we love to hate like Maleficient and Cruella.

Of course, there are also some detailed, display-focused builds as well as these LEGO Disney playsets – and some that combine the two. To celebrate the release of the live-action The Little Mermaid movie, the LEGO Group released a number of LEGO Disney Little Mermaid sets, including 43225 LEGO Disney Little Mermaid. The build includes various minifigures that are perfect for play, each with its own unique tail design, but packaged up in a colourful clamshell design that looks striking on the shelf.

Other display-ready builds include 43227 Villain Icons and 43217 ‘Up’ House. While they are slightly more mature than the playsets, both can easily appeal to young adults, as well as older Disney adults. The vibrant colours that the LEGO Disney theme is known for are still there, but they include minifigures rather than minidolls. The design lends itself more towards being an impressive display, rather than a play-focused toy.

LEGO Disney sets

The pièce de résistance of these display-focused sets are the various iterations of a LEGO Disney Castle. The LEGO Group first released a detailed brick-built version of the iconic Disney Castle in 2016 with 71040 Disney Castle, a 4,080-piece build that reaches up with golden towers on top of yellow and blue buildings.

However, the LEGO Disney team didn’t leave 71040 Disney Castle in the top set for biggest LEGO Disney Castle for long. 2023 saw the launch of the enormous 43222 Disney Castle, coming in at a whopping 4,837 pieces. The biggest change is the colour scheme, switching it up from dark blue and yellow to light blue and pink, but keeping the same gold accents throughout.

The LEGO Group has also released a number of mini Disney castles over the years, zooming in on specific LEGO Disney movies, including 2021’s 40478 Mini Disney Castle, 2023’s 40613 Mini Disney Palace of Agrabah, and 2024’s 40708 Mini Disney Ariel's Castle.

LEGO Disney minifigures

Of course, it’s not all about the sets. Part of the appeal of LEGO Disney is bringing beloved characters to life – and that comes through best via minifigures. As noted above, a lot of Disney LEGO sets include minidolls rather than minifigures, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of minifigures to collect as well.

Perhaps the best way to find LEGO Disney minifigures is via one of the three Collectible Minifigures series based on Disney characters that came out between 2016 and 2023. Each one included 18 minifigures, ready to display on a black stand. 71012 The Disney Series featured a number of classic characters along with more recent additions to the Disney family, such as The Incredibles’ Syndrome, Maleficent, Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat, and the alien from Toy Story.

71024 Disney Series 2 added another 18 minifigures, once again returning to classics like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, paired with some familiar faces from contemporary titles, such as Frozone, Hercules, and sisters Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

The third series, 71038 Disney 100, was a special collection of minifigures, released to celebrate Disney’s 100th birthday in 2023. The 18-strong line-up included some cherished favourites, such as Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Pinocchio, Stitch 626, and a foxy Robin Hood.

LEGO Disney 100th anniversary

This Collectible Minifigures series wasn’t the only way that the LEGO Group celebrated Disney’s 100th anniversary. There were also a number of sets released too, including three of the display-focused sets mentioned above: 43225 LEGO Disney Little Mermaid, 43227 Villain Icons, and 43217 ‘Up’ House.

The enormous 43222 Disney Castle was also part of the century celebrations, as well as a special GWP available for a limited time only when shopping with the LEGO Group. Another set well worth mentioning is 43230 Walt Disney Tribute Camera, a brick-built version of a classic camera, complete with ‘film roll’ that takes you through Disney’s history.

It wasn’t only huge display models, however, with smaller playsets also released to encourage younger builders to get involved with the Disney x LEGO celebrations in 2023. Tying it altogether, Disney and the LEGO Group also teamed up for a series of short films called Making Wonder, showing the behind the scenes and some extra magic that went into creating many of the LEGO Disney 100 sets.

How big is the LEGO Disney Castle?

LEGO Disney 43222 Disney Castle stands at a towering 80cm high, 59cm wide, and 33cm deep.

How long does it take to build the LEGO Disney Castle?

For a build of this size, you can expect it to take between 10 and 15 hours to build 43222 Disney Castle.

How many pieces does the LEGO Disney Castle have? ?

The biggest LEGO Disney Castle set ever has a whopping 4,397 pieces in total.

How much does the LEGO Disney Castle cost? ?

As with all LEGO sets, prices vary on 43222 Disney Castle depending on the region, retailing at £344.99 in the UK, $399.99 in the United States, and €399.99 in Europe.