Decapitated LEGO man reunited with head

The severed head of a LEGO man, that went missing outside a toy shop in Gloucestershire, has been returned.

Brick Fanatics readers were shocked to read earlier this week that a LEGO man had been decapitated outside Crocodile Toys in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK. The LEGO Duplo model stood outside the shop for seven years. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending as the head was returned to the store after the news appeared in the local press.

The Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, who originally broke the story, confirm that the head was left outside the shop with a note of apology:

The head was returned to the store on Tuesday morning with a note of apology which read ‘Sorry was very drunk xx’ after the person who stole it left it outside the front gate of the Woolmarket late on Monday night.

Owner of Crocodile Toys, Mark Mitchell, told the local newspaper that he intends to repair the LEGO character:

“I’m relieved to get it back,” he said. “I think the person who did it was a bit embarrassed after word got about so at least they had the decency to give it back.

“I should be able to repair it but it is a bit damaged so it probably won’t be quick but hopefully we should have LEGO Man back soon.”

Presumably a LEGO Master Builder will be called in to reattach the head, with everyone hoping that the LEGO man enjoys a swift recovery.

The LEGO man before the incident.
The LEGO man before the incident.



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