Design your own LEGO City set being tested

The LEGO Group is trialling out a new experience, with a website set up for ‘Design your own LEGO City set’.

LEGO Lab, a development department within the LEGO Group, is testing out a new product experience in Denmark – Design your own LEGO City set. It allows children – and adults – to select from a number of pre-selected minifigures, buildings and vehicles, which will then be presented in a bespoke box.

Here is the official description of the experience:

This all-new LEGO City experience allows your child to design their very own LEGO City set with more than 30 different buildings, vehicles and characters to choose from.

    • No cities are the same. Why you can choose from 15 different LEGO buildings and vehicles

    • Bring your city to life and choose from 15 different LEGO minifigures and animals

    • To make it your LEGO city, you’ll have your name written on the box

Design your own LEGO City set 2

At the moment, the concept is being trialled in Denmark. It is priced at 649 DKK, which is around £80.00.

First, users must choose their LEGO minifigures, animals. buildings and vehicles. The next step is to design a story by moving the models around the screen. Finally, it’s a case of adding the user’s name so that the box will be customised with it.

This is just a trial, like the recent LEGO MINDSTORMS Porsche set.

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