Design your own LEGO City set unboxed

The recent trial product, Design your own LEGO City set, has arrived with one fan who has provided unboxed images.

LEGO Lab, a development department within the LEGO Group, recently tested out a new product experience in Denmark – Design your own LEGO City set. It allows children – and adults – to select from a number of pre-selected minifigures, buildings and vehicles, which will then be presented in a bespoke box.

Brickset reader Andreas ordered a set and has received it, providing images to Brickset that show the box itself and what it looks like when opened. His name is even printed on the corner of the box.

Within the box is each model bagged separately, with an instruction manual for each. There’s a sticker sheet that covers all of the possible models that could have been included.

So far it’s just a trial product, but there’s always the chance it will make it to more markets in the future if this experiment gave the LEGO Group the desired results. A message on the website used for the scheme states: “At present, we are unfortunately unable to confirm the project’s future plans, and our primary focus is to test the concept and gather as much information as possible that can help us further develop the experience and understand its future possibilities.”

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