Professional font designer creates unique typeface artwork using LEGO bricks

A professional font designer has used a variety of LEGO bricks to explore the potential of typography and create unique pieces of artwork.

Entitled Brik Font, the collection is the brainchild of Craig Ward, a font designer who set out to make typefaces solely created from LEGO pieces. A selection of his artwork can be seen on his Instagram page and is also featured at Print Magazine.

By using LEGO bricks, Craig has managed to create very striking pieces of artwork that aim to ‘examine how design and creativity flourish through limitations.’ Examples of his typography artwork include LEGO letters, dates and a recreation of the Wipeout 2097 logo as featured in the Sony PlayStation video game.

Although claiming to have only created the artwork as a ‘distraction’, Craig hopes that his ideas will teach people about the potential of LEGO bricks and typography.

Aspiring designers can attempt to create their own artwork and typography using LEGO DOTS, as featured in a recent video from the LEGO Group. For more hints and tips to help you create your next LEGO masterpiece, click on the video link above, then get creative with the latest LEGO DOTS releases.

Featured image: Print Magazine

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