Designer uses a LEGO minifigure as his new CV

An inventive Welsh artist has spiced up his CV using a LEGO minifigure and bespoke toy package.

Andrew Morris, the designer and artist behind Little Big Art, has created this unique CV that has been picked up by media outlets such as Mental Floss. The mocked up toy packaging shows is blister packed with a LEGO minifigure, with Morris’ details in place of the product description.



The website spoke to the artist about his unique resumé:

Morris spent two months gathering all the separate LEGO pieces to make a minifig that looked like him, and now has enough to make 100 individual figures to send out to potential employers.

“While conventional CVs are great for conveying past accomplishments, they’re limited on what personality, creativity, and innovation you can inject into them,” Morris tells Mental Floss. “Plus, who doesn’t want to receive some LEGO through the post!”

As the images travel around the Internet, Morris has certainly got his CV out there.


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