The details in LEGO 10311 Orchid extend to the exclusive Demogorgon print

As we wait for the launch of the two new LEGO Botanical Collection sets, a closer look at 10311 Orchid reveals how detailed the exclusive print is.

The larger blooms in 10311 Orchid are represented using shields, forks, curved armour elements for brick-built figures and even a LEGO frog. The plastic amphibians are a returning piece in the Botanical Collection after being heavily featured in the alternate build of 10281 Bonsai Tree.

A LEGO frog also makes a cameo in the exclusive print for the Demogorgon head brick in 10311 Orchid, showcasing a smaller outline of the element in accordance with the size of the bloom.

It’s an ultimately unnecessary, but appreciated detail from the LEGO Botanical Collection design team and helps to convey the idea that this is a real plant instead of a brick-built sculpture, as discussed in our video review.

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10311 Orchid is scheduled to launch alongside 10309 Succulents on May 1. For those desperate to get their order done as soon as possible, it’s currently available for pre-order around the world.

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