Details of rumoured LEGO 2023 polybags have been revealed

Following recent updates on rumoured sets for next year, a list of potential 2023 polybag releases has now been revealed.

Listings for multiple rumoured LEGO sets that may be arriving next year have been trickling through over the past few weeks, with sources such as StoneWars revealing a range of products that might be appearing on shelves in 2023. Whilst none of the details reported so far have been confirmed by the LEGO Group to date, the details of what could be arriving in the coming months certainly makes for interesting reading and speculation.

Now added to these potential releases is what appears to be an initial full list of LEGO polybags for 2023, along with reported piece counts, possible release dates and one price. Some of the products below have already appeared in recent stories linked to their respective themes, but this is the first time we’ve seen a complete list of rumoured promotional sets compiled in one place.

Set namePricePiecesRelease date
30633 Friends Skateboard RampTBC46January 2023
30634 Friends TBCTBC84January 2023
30635 Friends TBCTBC55June 2023
30637 DOTS TBCTBC94January 2023
30638 CITY Police Cycling TrainingTBC36January 2023
30639 CITY TBCTBC24January 2023
30640 CITY TBCTBC44March 2023
30641 Creator 3-in-1 TBCTBC83January 2023
30642 Creator 3-in-1 TBCTBC58January 2023
30643 Creator 3-in-1 TBCTBC61March 2023
30644 Creator 3-in-1 TBCTBC59January 2023
30645 Creator 3-in-1 TBCTBC78June 2023
30646 Disney TBCTBC47February 2023
30647 Minecraft TBCTBC45January 2023
30648 DUPLO TBCTBC9January 2023
30649 NINJAGO TBCTBC70January 2023
30650 NINJAGO TBCTBC47June 2023
30651 Harry Potter TBCTBC55March 2023
30652 Marvel TBCTBC44February 2023
30653 Super Heroes TBCTBC40June 2023
30654 Star Wars TBC€3.9987January 2023
30655 Technic TBCTBC78January 2023
30657 Speed Champions TBCTBC95March 2023

As well as previously rumoured polybags that have already been revealed, there are a number of intriguing sets listed above. These include potential LEGO Star Wars, Disney, Marvel and Super Heroes polybags, as well as multiple Friends, CITY and NINJAGO sets that may arrive throughout next year.

As usual, be sure to treat all of the above information with caution for now, until such time as the LEGO Group makes any official announcements.

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