Dimensional Dioramas

To celebrate the release of LEGO Dimensions I have an idea to create a series of LEGO dioramas themed around the games tagline ‘Break the Rules’. Now I’m not a the biggest MOC builder in fact it’s not something I’ve even done before, despite wanting to. But the idea was such a fun one I just had to give it a go. First port of call was to think of some rules to be broken, once I had a list of LEGO friendly rules, I needed some signs to show these rules. Nick and the team at Minifigs.me very kindly asked if they could assist and the did an amazing job of custom printing me a set of tiles featuring the rules. If it wasn’t for their ace design work and speedy turn around I would of abandoned the whole thing like I do with many of my bright ideas.


So with the tile signs printed I set to work creating the dioramas, I knew what I wanted them to look like and after searching through my spare bricks and borrowing elements from other sets, plus a cheeky Bricklink order here and there. I had everything I needed and set to work building them all. I wanted to them to portray the fun nature of LEGO and the diversity of characters included in LEGO Dimensions. I think I’ve managed to do that quite well and I’m pleased with the results, especially as it’s my first proper attempt at a MOC. I originally had 6 different rules to break but unfortunately had to abandon two due to lack of bricks and time.

I hope you enjoy the builds which you can check out below and remember LEGO Dimensions is release tomorrow.

No Running
10 Items or Less
No Parking
Do Not Feed the Animals

Visit minifigs.me for all your custom LEGO needs, from special minifigs to printed bricks – www.minifigs.me


Hi I'm Adam, the gaming guru here at the good ship Brick Fanatics. I've been a fan of gaming and LEGO for many years. So you can imagine my delight when the two joined forces. First LEGO set I ever owned was the LEGO King's Castle. I'm also Games Expert and contributor for Bricks Magazine.


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    29/09/2015 at 08:09

    Hahahaha these are awesome, when I saw them on Twitter I thought they were official. Love the custom tiles. Top job Adam 😎

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