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 NameThemeReleasePiecesMinifiguresReviewPrice (£)Buy  
LEGO Architecture Creator Expert 10276 Colosseum review title 210276 ColosseumCreator Expert202090360Read here449.99LEGO.com102768
LEGO Architecture 21052 Dubai review title21052 DubaiArchitecture20207400Read here54.99LEGO.com2105217
TokyoFI 21051 TokyoArchitecture2020547Read here54.99LEGO.com2105192
LEGO Architecture Paris featured 2 800 445 21044 ParisArchitecture20206490Read here14.99LEGO.com21044211
SanFranciscoFI 21043 San FranciscoArchitecture20205650Read here44.99LEGO.com21043245
The LEGO Architecture Idea Book featured 800 445 The LEGO Architecture Idea BookArchitecture202000Read here20.99LEGO.com260
LEGO Architecture 21407 Las Vegas Architecture 21 21047 Las VegasArchitecture20205010Read here34.99LEGO.com21047286
LEGO 21042 Statue of Liberty featured 21042 Statue of LibertyArchitecture202016850Read here89.99LEGO.com21042301
19710 119710 Sears TowerArchitecture200868AMAZON.com19710574
19720 119720 John Hancock CenterArchitecture200869AMAZON.com19720575
21003 121003 Seattle Space NeedleArchitecture200957AMAZON.com21003576
21004 121004 Solomon Guggenheim MuseumArchitecture2009208AMAZON.com21004577
21005 121005 FallingwaterArchitecture2009811AMAZON.com21005578
21002 121002 Empire State BuildingArchitecture200977AMAZON.com21002579
21006 121006 The White HouseArchitecture2010560AMAZON.com21006580
21007 121007 Rockefeller CenterArchitecture2011240AMAZON.com21007581
21008 121008 Burj KhalifaArchitecture2011208AMAZON.com21008582
21009 121009 Farnsworth HouseArchitecture2011546AMAZON.com21009583
21010 121010 Robie HouseArchitecture20112276AMAZON.com21010584
21011 121011 Brandenburg GateArchitecture2011363AMAZON.com21011585
21013 121013 Big BenArchitecture2012346AMAZON.com21013586
21014 121014 Villa SavoyeArchitecture2012660AMAZON.com21014587
21015 121015 The Leaning Tower of PisaArchitecture2013345AMAZON.com21015588
21016 121016 SungnyemunArchitecture2012325AMAZON.com21016589
21017 121017 Imperial HotelArchitecture20131188AMAZON.com21017590
21018 121018 United Nations HeadquartersArchitecture2013597AMAZON.com21018591
21019 121019 The Eiffel TowerArchitecture2014321AMAZON.com21019592
21020 121020 Trevi FountainArchitecture2014731AMAZON.com21020593
21021 121021 Marina Bay SandsArchitecture2013602AMAZON.com21021594
21023 121023 Flatiron Building, New YorkArchitecture2015471AMAZON.com21023595
21024 121024 LouvreArchitecture2015695AMAZON.com21024596
21026 121026 VeniceArchitecture2016212AMAZON.com21026597
21027 121027 BerlinArchitecture2016289AMAZON.com21027598
21028 121028 New York CityArchitecture2016598AMAZON.com21028599
21029 121029 Buckingham PalaceArchitecture2016780AMAZON.com21029600
21030 121030 United States Capitol BuildingArchitecture20161032AMAZON.com21030601
21031 121031 Burj KhalifaArchitecture2016333AMAZON.com21031602
21032 121032 SydneyArchitecture2017361AMAZON.com21032603
21033 121033 ChicagoArchitecture2017444AMAZON.com21033604
21034 121034 LondonArchitecture2017468AMAZON.com21034605
21035 121035 Solomon R. Guggenheim MuseumArchitecture2017744AMAZON.com21035606
21036 121036 Arc de TriompheArchitecture2017386AMAZON.com21036607
21037 121037 LEGO HouseArchitecture2017774AMAZON.com21037608
21038 121038 Las VegasArchitecture2018487AMAZON.com21038609
21039 121039 ShanghaiArchitecture2018597AMAZON.com21039610
21041 121041 Great Wall of ChinaArchitecture2018551AMAZON.com21041611
21045 121045 Trafalgar SquareArchitecture20191197AMAZON.com21045612
21046 121046 Empire State BuildingArchitecture20191767AMAZON.com21046613
21050 121050 Architecture StudioArchitecture20131210AMAZON.com21050614
21054 121054 The White HouseArchitecture20201483AMAZON.com21054615
21055 121055 Burj KhalifaArchitecture2019333AMAZON.com21055616
20210 World ArchitectureMaster Builder Academy20130AMAZON.com2021011776


In 2008, architect and LEGO Certified Professional Adam Reed Tucker teamed up with Paal Smith-Meyer in the LEGO New Business Group to produce two short-run, limited edition sets that featured the LEGO logo subtly in the bottom left corner of the box. Those early sets, 19710 Sears Tower and 19720 John Hancock Center, were early test releases to see how the concept would work, with only 1,250 of each produced.   It was not long until the official versions of the models arrived, with 21000 Sears Tower and 21001 John Hancock Center officially launching the LEGO Architecture theme. It is no coincidence that both of those sets are based on Chicago landmarks, as it is the US city that Adam Reed Tucker hails from.   Those first two sets established a lot about this very different LEGO theme. Unlike traditional play sets, these were explicitly targeted at adults. Each release still comes in a sleek, black box and features a premium booklet with facts about the landmark and architect as well as the instructions to follow.   While the single-coloured, simple designs of some of the early releases have evolved to become more sophisticated, the theme favours a single colour for a stylised representation that differs from the usual multi-coloured LEGO models.   Buildings recreated in the theme over the years have included structures admired by architects, such as 21005 Fallingwater and 21009 Farnsworth House, alongside recognisable landmarks, such as 21006 The White House and 21013 Big Ben.   After a few years, Tucker’s name stopped appearing on the LEGO Architecture boxes and it is now entirely handled by the LEGO Group’s in-house design team. In 2016, the Skyline subtheme was introduced, allowing for a neat little model depicting an entire city. This new interpretation of LEGO Architecture began with 21026 Venice, 21027 Berlin and 21028 New York City.   With over 50 sets launched since LEGO Architecture’s inception, it is a LEGO theme that has gone from small beginnings to become a fan-favourite. It brings a different flavour to the LEGO portfolio for those with a discerning palette, offering something for those who enjoy a building experience beyond the typical minifigure compatible models.
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