LEGO City Reviews


 NameThemeReleasePiecesMinifiguresReviewPrice (£)Buy
LEGO City 60249 Street Sweeper Featured 800 445 60249 Street SweeperCityFeb-2089Read
LEGO City 60224 Satellite Service Mission Featured 800 445 60224 Satellite Service MissionCityFeb-2084Read
LEGO City 60257 Service Station Featured 800 445 60257 Service StationCityFeb-20354Read
LEGO City 60267 Safari Off Roader Featured 800 445 60267 Safari Off-RoaderCityJan-201680Read
LEGO CITY Space 60227 Lunar Space Station Review Title60227 Lunar Space StationCityJun-194124Read
Jackpot 800x44560209 Sky Police Diamond HeistCityJun-194004Read
Full Set Outdoor 800x44560239 Police Patrol CarCityMay-19921Read
LEGO City 60218 Desert Rally Racer Featured 800 44560218 Desert Rally RacerCityMay-19751Read
Minifigs In Front Of Groomer 800x44560222 Snow GroomerCityMay-191972Read
Main Image 1 800x44560223 Harvester TransportCityMay-193582Read
Sky Police60206 Sky Police Jet PatrolCityApr-19542Read
BBO FI60212 Barbecue Burn OutCityApr-19642Read
DSC 0500 E155476090630660210 Sky Police Air BaseCityApr-195296Read
The Quad Chase 800x445 60208 Sky Police Parachute ArrestCityMar-192184Read
Flaming Bin 800x445 60214 Burger Bar Fire RescueCityMar-193273Read
Main Image 1 800x445 60220 Garbage TruckCityFeb-19902Read
Fish Watching 800x445 60221 Diving YachtCityFeb-191482Read
Arctic Mobile Exploration Base 60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration BaseCitySep-187866Read
LEGO City 60193 Arctic Air Transport 10 768x509 60193 Arctic Air TransportCityAug-182772Read
60197 Passenger Train BF Cover 2 1 1024x465 60197 Passenger TrainCityJul-186774Read
Dynamic Low 768x509 60180 Monster TruckCityJun-181921Read
DSC 1602 600x456 60185 Mining Power SplitterCityMay-181271Read
LEGO City 60179 Ambulance Helicopter 8 600x450 60179 Ambulance HelicopterCityMay-181903Read
LEGO City 60186 Mining Heavy Driller Featured 60186 Mining Heavy DrillerCityMay-182943Read
DSC 4051 768x529 60188 Mining Experts SiteCityMay-188836Read
DSC 1577 1024x471 60176 Wild River EscapeCityApr-181262Read
LEGO City 60166 Heavy Duty Rescue Helicopter Featured 60166 Heavy-Duty Rescue HelicopterCityDec-174154Read
LEGO 60164 City Coast Guard Head Quarters Featured 60167 Coast Guard Head QuartersCityDec-177927Read
191017bricktoberfeatured2 5004941 Bricktober minifigure packCityOct-17214Read here18.52Amazon
260817 70620NINJAGOCityfeatured 70620 NINJAGO CityThe LEGO NINJAGO MovieAug-17486719Read
40345 LEGO City Minifigure
60198 Cargo
60203 Ski
60228 Deep Space Rocket and Launch
60217 Fire
60225 Rover Testing
60226 Mars Research
60234 People Pack - Fun
60237 Curve and
60238 Switch
60229 Rocket Assembly &
60231 Fire Chief Response
60233 Donut Shop
41375 Heartlake City Amusement
41379 Heartlake City
41431 Heartlake City Brick
60213 Dock Side
60216 Downtown Fire
60219 Construction
60221 Diving
60230 People Pack - Space Research and
60232 Garage
41254 Volcano Rock City ConcertLego Trolls World
60248 Fire Helicopter

About LEGO City

Once, it was Town. LEGO Town was the ‘everyday life’ theme, that supplied children with a world of police stations, fire trucks, ambulances, boats, houses, service stations and more besides. It launched in its recognisable form in 1978 with the advent of the minifigure, and continued for 20 years until wrapping up in 2000.

LEGO World City arrived in 2003 and continued in 2004 in an attempt to offer what it was perceived children wanted – simplified set designs and a disturbingly macho aspect. Those misconceptions made the replacement for Town an unappealing mess, although the train sets were mainly undisturbed by the shift in direction.

In 2005, the LEGO Group finally got serious about making things work after a brush with bankruptcy. A new theme had been developed – LEGO City – that was a return to form. Learning from what had worked with the classic Town theme, City started things off with the basic areas that children would love – Police, Fire and Construction – then gradually expanded from there.

Now, City has gone far beyond those initial releases, with basic life type sets building museums, service stations, multi-storey car parks and diving boats among plenty of others. The quality of the builds also improves over time, with 7744 Police Headquarters a much better set than 7237 Police Station, which was released just three years prior.

While the sets that include pizza restaurants and bus stops offer opportunities for building a table-top town, children also want action and adventure. Sub-themes such as Coastguard Rescue, Volcano Explorer and Arctic provide this, while Space and Harbour keep things a little more grounded in reality.

From its fresh start in 2005 that saw the LEGO Group show real confidence in the company’s core theme, City has expanded far beyond its central emergency services focus to become a sprawling collection that can cover an eclectic mix of subject matter. As long as it continues to steer clear of the mistakes made in the early 2000s, it will continue to hold a special place in the heart of LEGO fans.

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