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LEGO Ideas 21309 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V review title 321309 / 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn VIdeas202019690Read here109.99LEGO.com2130915
featured 621324 123 Sesame StreetIdeas202013675Read here109.99LEGO.com2132416
LEGO Ideas 21323 Grand Piano review title21323 Grand PianoIdeas202036620Read here319.99LEGO.com2132339
LEGO IDEAS 21321 International Space Station review title 1 21321 International Space StationIdeas20208640Read here64.99LEGO.com21321108
LEGO Ideas 21320 Dinosaur Fossils 21320 Dinosaur FossilsIdeas20209101Read here54.99LEGO.com21320140
Central Perk featured imageFriends 21319 Central PerkIdeas202010707Read here64.99LEGO.com150
LEGO Ideas 21318 Treehouse review featured 800 445 121318 Tree HouseIdeas202030364Read here179.99LEGO.com21318157
LEGO Ideas 21317 Steamboat Willie featured 800 44521317 Steamboat WillieIdeas20207512Read here79.99LEGO.com21317207
LGO Ideas 21316 The Flintstones featured 800 445 21316 The FlintstonesIdeas20207484Read here54.99LEGO.com21316222
LEGO Ideas 21315 Pop up Book review featured 800 445 1 21315 Pop-up BookIdeas20208594Read here59.99LEGO.com21315284
LEGO Ideas 21314 TRON Legacy featured 21314 TRON: Legacy LightcycleIdeas20202303Read here29.99LEGO.com21314330
Ship in a Bottle Cover 1 21313 Ship in a BottleIdeas20209620Read here69.99LEGO.com21313352
21312 Women of NASA Cover 2 21312 Women of NASAIdeas20202314Read here37.5Amazon21312387
200 2200 Building Ideas BookBooks19850AMAZON.com2001555
222 1222 Building Ideas BookBooks19751AMAZON.com2221558
225 2225 Building Ideas Book No. 2Books19770AMAZON.com2251559
226 2226 Building Ideas BookBooks19810AMAZON.com2261560
250 1250 Building Ideas BookBooks19871AMAZON.com2501565
697 2697 Building Ideas BookBooks19971AMAZON.com6971569
7777 17777 Trains Ideas BookBooks19810AMAZON.com77771572
8888 18888 Ideas BookBooks19800AMAZON.com88881573
8889 18889 Ideas BookBooks19840AMAZON.com88891574
8890 18890 Ideas BookBooks19870AMAZON.com88901575
21100 121100 Shinkai 6500 SubmarineIdeas2010412AMAZON.com211005743
21101 121101 HayabusaIdeas20123691AMAZON.com211015744
21102 121102 Minecraft Micro World: The ForestIdeas20124802AMAZON.com211025745
21103 121103 The DeLorean Time MachineIdeas20134012AMAZON.com211035746
21104 121104 NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity RoverIdeas2014295AMAZON.com211045747
21108 121108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1Ideas20145084AMAZON.com211085748
21109 121109 Exo SuitIdeas20143212AMAZON.com211095749
21110 121110 Research InstituteIdeas20141653AMAZON.com211105750
21301 121301 BirdsIdeas2015580AMAZON.com213015751
21302 121302 The Big Bang TheoryIdeas20154847AMAZON.com213025752
21303 121303 WALL-EIdeas2015677AMAZON.com213035753
21304 121304 Doctor WhoIdeas20156236AMAZON.com213045754
21305 121305 MazeIdeas2016769AMAZON.com213055755
21306 121306 The Beatles Yellow SubmarineIdeas20165535AMAZON.com213065756
21307 121307 Caterham Seven 620RIdeas2016771AMAZON.com213075757
21308 121308 Adventure TimeIdeas2017495AMAZON.com213085758
21311 121311 VoltronIdeas20182321AMAZON.com213115759
21310 121310 Old Fishing StoreIdeas201720494AMAZON.com213105760
21319 121319 Central PerkIdeas201910707AMAZON.com213195761
21322 121322 Pirates of Barracuda BayIdeas2020254510AMAZON.com213225762
21325 121325 Medieval BlacksmithIdeas20212164AMAZON.com213255763
21326 Winnie the PoohIdeas20210AMAZON.com213265764
40335 140335 Space Rocket RideIdeas20191541AMAZON.com403355765
40448 140448 Vintage CarIdeas20211892AMAZON.com404485766
21309 192176 NASA Apollo Saturn VIdeas20201969AMAZON.com921765767
21313 192177 Ship in a BottleIdeas2020962AMAZON.com921775768
11001 1 111001 Bricks and IdeasClassic2019123AMAZON.com110017108
11924 Christmas Ideas partsMiscellaneous201941AMAZON.com1192411506
11930 111930 Parts for Halloween IdeasMiscellaneous20200AMAZON.com1193011508
11931 Parts for Cute IdeasMiscellaneous20200AMAZON.com1193111509
50068075006807 Cute IdeasMiscellaneous20210LEGO.com500680714249

What if most of the people with the good ideas actually don’t work for the LEGO Group? What if there are people out there with great concepts for LEGO sets who are not in the Billund based design department? That is what the LEGO New Business Group asked when coming up with the concept for LEGO Ideas.   Starting life as LEGO CUUSOO, users of the website in Japan could upload their LEGO set ideas and if they received 1,000 votes and then passed a review process, they would become official products. The first one to be released was 21100 Shinkai 6500 Submarine in 2010.    It was not long later that the LEGO CUUSOO scheme went worldwide, before becoming LEGO Ideas. The threshold was raised to 10,000 votes, with pop culture classic like 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine and 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 both making it into the LEGO line-up.   LEGO Ideas has also offered inventive fan designs as sets that are far away from 1980s movies and the typical subject matter for LEGO releases. Space builder Pete Reid saw 21109 Exo Suit get released, offering green Space minifigures for the first time. Jason Alleman’s project, that became 21305 Maze, actually builds a version of the classic children’s game using elements.   While in the early years Ideas sets seemed to have a size limit, they have become larger over time. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V is an impressively tall display piece, while 21310 Old Fishing Store brings the artistry often found in fan builds to the official line-up.   Sets in the fan-inspired theme tend to be limited in nature and only available for a short time, with many of the earlier releases such as 21110 Research Institute and 21101 Hayabusa proving popular on the secondary market.    More and more LEGO Ideas sets are getting released each year, as fans get more and more inventive at submitting exceptional designs and picking up on pop culture subjects with huge fan bases.
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