NameThemeReleasePiecesMinifiguresReviewPrice (£)Buy
LEGO NINJAGO 70675 Katana 4x4 1featured 800 445 70675 Katana 4x4NINJAGOFeb-20450Read
LEGO NINJAGO 70673 Shuricopter Featured 800 445 70673 ShuricopterNINJAGOFeb-20361Read
LEGO NINJAGO 71708 Gamers Market Featured 71708 Gamers MarketNINJAGOJan-20218Read
LEGO NINJAGO 70669 Cole Earth Driller Featured 800 44570669 Cole's Earth DrillerNINJAGOMay-195874Read
LEGO NINJAGO 70680 Monastery Training Featured 800 44570680 Monastery TrainingNINJAGOApr-191222Read
LEGO NINJAGO The Golden Dragon Featured 800 445 800x44570666 The Golden DragonNINJAGOMar-191713Read
LEGO NINJAGO 70655 Dragon Pit Featured 800 445 70655 Dragon PitNINJAGODec-1816609Read
LEGO NINJAGO 70638 Katana V11 Title2 70638 Katana V11NINJAGOJan-182572Read
IMG 1912 E1515938495327 41488 Master WuBrickHeadzJan-18890Read
IMG 2414 768x542 41487 LloydBrickHeadzJan-181020Read
LEGO 70629 Piranha Attack Review Title 70629 Piranha AttackThe LEGO NINJAGO MovieDec-172174Read
LEGO 70632 Quake Mech Review Title 70632 Quake MechThe LEGO NINJAGO MovieDec-1712025Read
30427 Ice Tank Featured 30427 Ice TankThe LEGO NINJAGO MovieOct-17710Read
191017bricktoberfeatured3 5004938 Bricktober minifigure packNINJAGOOct-17294Read here60Amazon
260817 70620NINJAGOCityfeatured 70620 NINJAGO CityThe LEGO NINJAGO MovieAug-17486719Read
70681 Spinjitzu Slam -
40374 Golden Zane MF Acc.
40342 MF Set NINJAGO
70665 The Samurai
70677 Land
70684 Spinjitzu Slam - Kai vs.
70668 Jay's Storm
70676 Lloyd's Titan
70667 Kai's Blade Cycle & Zane's
70674 Fire
70672 Cole's Dirt
70671 Lloyd's
70672 Cole's Dirt
70683 Spinjitzu Slam -
70682 Spinjitzu Slam -


Back in 2011, LEGO NINJAGO arrived as a new short-term theme that ended up becoming an annual evergreen range.

In the beginning, there were four ninjas trained by Sensei Wu in the arts of Spinjitzu. The martial arts were depicted by spinners – while there were traditional sets in the range, there were also spinner sets so that collectors could battle their minifigures against one another. Their enemies were undead skeletons, led by Lord Garmadon. 

As for the sets, they combined a mixture of things that do not sound like they would work together – but somehow did. Dragons, motorcycles, temples, trucks and helicopters come together in a ninja based theme. Each of the ninjas has a different coloured outfit, 

The boxes in 2013 were labelled as ‘The Finale Battle’, with the theme’s storyline due to end with Lloyd Garmadon becoming the Gold Ninja and helping the gang to defeat his father Lord Garmadon.

Thanks to a compelling animated television series that children couldn’t get enough of and the theme only growing in popularity, the LEGO Group elected to continue NINJAGO in 2014, and it hasn’t stopped since. With the Great Devourer’s snake followers, the Overlord’s Stone Army and the Sky Pirates being just a selection of the villains who would arrive to face off against Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane.

The twisty, turny storyline has been running for almost a decade, which has led to the LEGO design team going back to some of the classic locations, vehicles and creatures in NINJAGO Legacy while also going forward with new adventures. It has also spawned a theme park ride and a theatrical movie.

It is quite unprecedented for a LEGO theme to be as story-based as NINJAGO has been, but something about has captured children in a way the LEGO Group has never managed to quite the same extent since. 

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