Doctor Who LEGO Dimensons Intro

The intro to the Doctor Who expansion of LEGO Dimensions is simply ingenious – not only are all of the gears and spiralling clocks and everything else in the 12th Doctor’s opening titles remade with LEGO, but you can spot his previous incarnations messing around at the sides of the frame.

We know what we want for Christmas.

First person to email in with the location of all the other doctors and what time they appear in the clip, will win a Brick Fanatics exclusive minifigure.



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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who LEGO Dimensons Intro

  • 14/11/2015 at 00:22

    Hello, I love you site here, also here are the times on where all the Doctors are located; 0:01 (11th) , 0:02 (2nd) , 0:05 (10th) , 0:06 (9th) , 0:10 (6th) , 0:13 (5th) , 0:14 (3rd) , 0:15 (left 4th right 7th) , 0:18 (8th) , 0:20 (12th) That should be all of them, I don’t think the War Doctor is in there.

  • 12/11/2015 at 17:20

    The different Doctors are seen at; 0:01 (11th) , 0:02 (2nd) , 0:05 (10th) , 0:06 (9th), 0:10 (6th) , 0:13 (5th) , 0:14 (3rd) , 0:16 (left 4th right 7th) , 0:18 ( 8th) , 0:20 (12th) ,


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