Does the Star Wars live action television set hint at possible LEGO sets?

Images have turned up online of one of the sets that is being used to shoot the new Star Wars live action television series.

Making Star Wars has published photographs of one of the sets for the Star Wars live action television series that is currently in production. The set is still coming together, but from the photos that the website has revealed, fans can get a few ideas of where the new show might go.

Clearly Star Wars is returning to a desert planet, with moisture vaporators and Tatooine style hangers. It could be that the series will visit the most famous Star Wars planet of them all, but The Force Awakens seemed to be doing just that too, and it turned out to be Jakku. Whether this is Anakin Skywalker’s home world or some other desert planet, things are likely to get sandy.

As a result, fans can imagine the kind of desert based LEGO sets that could be released alongside the new television series. Dusty vehicles, such as landspeeders and swoop bikes, are a definite possibility. A location type playset could even represent this very location, with blast doors, markets and archways.

LEGO Star Wars sets based on the film are available now from


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