Double LEGO VIP points on Harry Potter 75965 The Rise of Voldemort

Fans can get double VIP points on LEGO Harry Potter 75965 The Rise of Voldemort for a limited time.

New double VIP points deals have been announced for October at, with one offering twice the usual rewards on purchases of LEGO Harry Potter 75965 The Rise of Voldemort. That means anyone buying the set will get the equivalent of 10% ‘LEGO cashback’ instead of the usual 5%.

Here is the official product description for the 184 piece set:

There’s magic, adventure and action with LEGO Harry Potter 75965 The Rise of Voldemort. In this iconic scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry is trapped on Tom Riddle’s tombstone in a spooky graveyard while the deceitful Peter Pettigrew mixes a potion. After he mixes the potion, Voldemort magically appears with the pull of a brick lever. After summoning a Death Eater, Voldemort releases Harry and they start to duel. This awesome gift for kids is full of spells, surprises and spectacular battles—so young witches and wizards will need all their Defense Against the Dark Arts skills to help Harry escape!

LEGO Harry Potter 75955 The Rise Of Voldemort 2 800x445

The promotion will run until the end of October, unless stock runs out before then.

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