Driving 700 miles for LEGO Monkie Kid…

When you find out Monkie Kid is available on early release 700 miles across country, what do you do as a LEGO fan?

The LEGO Group has just announced its latest big bang theme, Monkie Kid, featuring characters and story inspired by the 16th Century Chinese novel Journey to the West. Whilst the sets are now available to order online at LEGO.com and in countries where LEGO stores are open or operating curb-side pick-ups, in the US some of the sets appeared on shelves a few days earlier.

Florida-based Just2Good (Justin) and MandRproductions (Ryan) spotted a Reddit post listing the sets appearing in a LEGOLAND Discovery store in Texas, before some detective work from Justin located a store doing the same thing a little closer to them than Texas…653 miles away in Atlanta, Georgia.

With a handful of hours of sleep between them and their friend Pro Lego Channel on board, Justin and Ryan decided to make the long journey north-west. Along the way did they discover transformative powers they didn’t know before, or perhaps the secret to immortality as the Monkey King did in the Journey to the West? Did they at least get the LEGO sets they went all that way for?

Watch Just2Good’s video below to find out, and check out Ryan’s account on his MandR Vlogs channel.

Be sure to subscribe to Just2Good, MandRproductions and Pro Lego Channel on YouTube. They are good people, deep in LEGO madness like you and us, and well worth your attention.

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Edit – It should be noted that obviously taking any non-essential journey during a pandemic cannot be encouraged. Follow the advice of your government, use your own judgement and perhaps in the meantime, enjoy the more convenient lifestyle of ordering LEGO online.

Rob Paton

As one half of Tiro Media Ltd, I mix a passion for print and digital media production with a deep love of LEGO and can often be found on these pages eulogising about LEGO Batman, digging deeper into the LEGO Group’s inner workings, or just complaining about the price of the latest LEGO Star Wars set. Make a great impression when you meet me in person by praising EXO-FORCE as the greatest LEGO theme of all time. Follow me on Twitter @RobPaton or drop me an email at [email protected]

One thought on “Driving 700 miles for LEGO Monkie Kid…

  • 20/05/2020 at 17:00

    Do we really need another Asia-Far East centred offering? We already gave Ninjago (which I like) and the miserable Overwatch. The kits just look like re-hashes of Ninjago and Spider-Man ideas.
    There is an open goal staring LEGO in the face if they look at the extortionate prices being asked for the Series 20 Viking minifigure. An improved Viking offering could be a great success following the popularity of the TV series Vikings and The Last Kingdom.
    In the recent past, the Roman and Spartan minifigures were hugely popular but no kits followed on from this popularity.
    Maybe I am out of touch with what KFOLs and AFOLs want these days.


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