Enjoy Pancake Day LEGO Style

Happy Pancake Day people! What….you forgot?!!! Well you have all day to grab a pancake. I for one will be treating myself to one later today after training with some Nutella on, yum yum! Anyway, here at Brick Fanatics HQ we had to feature something connected to LEGO so take a look at this YouTube video below by Thomas Hargrove. Whilst it’s an old video, it combines LEGO Mindstorms, Pancakes and AT-AT Walkers!!

Yes, you read that last bit correctly. Thomas created a LEGO Mindstorms pancake printer in the shape of the iconic Star Wars vehicles. His set up was as follows:

  • Two large EV3 motors for X/Y movement
  • Medium EV3 motor starts/stops the batter flow by pinching closed a small section of flexible tube
  • Batter is stored in a large Nalgene bottle with holes drilled and threaded for air in/batter out
  • An aquarium air pump was used to add pressure and help things flow better
  • Output tube is 1/4ID vinyl tubing
  • I add a little extra milk to the batter to help it flow better

Now I’m off to get building my contraption!!!




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