Every LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express model ever made

The Hogwarts Express is a key part of every student’s journey to Hogwarts, and LEGO Harry Potter has had more than a few sets dedicated to it. 

From interactive builds to miniature models and the upcoming 76405 Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition, there’s been quite a few LEGO Hogwarts Express sets. With the reveal of the biggest version of the train to date, we’re taking a look at every depiction of the Hogwarts Express to see the journey to the new build. 

Dating as far back as over two decades ago, here’s every LEGO Hogwarts Express model ever made, but note that there will be spoilers for the 2022 Harry Potter Advent Calendar. 

10 – 4708 Hogwarts Express 

4708 Hogwarts Express Harry Potter

The first LEGO Hogwarts Express ever released was 4708 Hogwarts Express in 2001, including a small station, the train and one carriage. 

9 – 10132 Motorised Hogwarts Express 

10132 1 1

In 2004, the original LEGO Hogwarts Express was improved with motorised elements and a rare build of Hogsmeade Station. 

8 – 4758 Hogwarts Express 

lego 4758 Hogwatts Express

Also from 2004 and matching the designs of the two previously-listed sets, 4758 Hogwarts Express was mostly the same as 10132 Motorised Hogwarts Express but with a smaller station and no motorised pieces. 

7 – 4841 Hogwarts Express 

4841 Hogwarts Express Harry Potter

Released in 2010, 4841 Hogwarts Express was the first major redesign for the train in bricks with a smoother overall design using new pieces. 

6 – 40028 Mini Hogwarts Express 

40028 main

One of the smallest LEGO Hogwarts Express builds ever released is the 40028 Mini Hogwarts Express polybag, featuring just the main train and a stocky design. 

5 – 71247 Harry Potter Team Pack 

71247 1

LEGO Dimensions featured a small Hogwarts Express build in a LEGO Harry Potter Team Pack, improving on 40028 Mini Hogwarts Express with a more accurate shape. This model would later be used for a promotional build too. 

4 – 75955 Hogwarts Express 

75955 Hogwarts Express Header

Still available on the official online store, 75955 Hogwarts Express is one of the most complete sets on this list, featuring a detailed build for Platform 9¾ as well as the train.  

3 – 75964 Harry Potter Advent Calendar 

75964 alt1 1

A small model for the train was included behind one of the doors in the 2019 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar, still achieving the recognisable look of the train with only a few pieces. 

2 – 76404 Harry Potter Advent Calendar 

LEGO Harry Potter 76404 Harry Potter Advent Calendar 3

In the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar, another mini model for the Hogwarts Express is featured with a small station. 

1 – 76405 Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition 


The largest LEGO Hogwarts Express model will launch later this year with 76405 Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition, reaching a level of detail not seen in any other brick-built version of the train to date. 

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