Every LEGO Ideas set in production – August 2022 update

With the addition of BrickHammer’s Viking Village, there are now seven LEGO Ideas sets in production – here’s a quick recap of them all.

From contests to fan votes, the LEGO Ideas team is increasingly going above and beyond traditional routes to find new crowdsourced sets – and that means an ever-churning list of builds in production. No sooner is one revealed and released (say, in 21336 The Office) than another takes its place, ensuring there’s always something to look forward to under the Ideas banner.

From an enormous lighthouse to at least one new gift-with-purchase, here’s a reminder of all the LEGO Ideas sets coming our way in the next few years.

Motorised Lighthouse

LEGO Ideas motorised lighthouse full

Sandro Quattrini’s Motorised Lighthouse was given the green light in the third 2020 review, and could be right around the corner: rumours suggest it will launch in September for somewhere in the region of $349.99. That’s a lot of coin for what would easily be the biggest LEGO lighthouse to date, but presumably the motors (surely there will be motors) are influencing that potential price tag.

Ray the Castaway

LEGO Ideas Ray the Castaway

LEGO Ideas’ smallest sets these days are mostly relegated to the status of gifts-with-purchase, but they do make for some of the best LEGO GWPs around. Following this year’s 40533 Cosmic Cardboard Adventures will be Ray the Castaway, which won a LEGO Ideas coastal contest in 2021. There’s no word yet on when it will come to fruition, though.

Foosball table

Foosball Table by Constructions by Donat

Another LEGO Ideas set that’s come about from a contest, Donát Fehévári’s Foosball Table was originally announced at LEGO CON in 2021. It’s been all quiet on the foosball front since then, but fingers crossed we see this set soon – and fingers crossed even tighter that it’s fully functional, as well it should be.

 A-Frame Cabin

LEGO Ideas A Frame Cabin

If it retains all the details of the original submission (not to mention the size), Andrea Lattanzio’s A-Frame Cabin – selected in the second 2021 review – could well be one of the most intricate LEGO Ideas sets ever released. Its complex construction process mirrors that of Clemens Fiedler’s original concept for 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, however, so there’s a chance it could also be simplified for the final set.

BTS “Dynamite”

LEGO Ideas BTS Disco 1

JBBrickFanatic and BangtanBricks’ BTS “Dynamite” project taps into a few key LEGO Ideas concepts, including mass popularity and music (to name just two). It’s presumably for those reasons and more that it got the go-ahead in the second 2021 review, and will be the first coming together of these two titans of pop culture and consumerism.

Hocus Pocus – The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage

LEGO IDeas hocus pocus large

Just one submission made it through the third 2021 review, in the form of Amber Veyt’s Hocus Pocus – The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage. Based on the ‘90s Disney film – which has a sequel landing later this year – the project was initially rejected by the LEGO Ideas review board in 2021, then resubmitted and approved earlier this year.

Viking Village

Viking Village 1 1

BrickHammer’s Viking Village has had quite the journey to production: it originally cracked 10,000 supporters in December 2020, but was ultimately rejected in the third 2020 review. It was then chosen as one of three projects to be given a second chance in this year’s fan vote with Target – a poll that it topped by some distance, meaning it will now become a future LEGO Ideas set.

The latest LEGO Ideas set to hit shelves is 21334 Jazz Quartet, while 21336 The Office will launch on October 1.

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    Do you know what happened with the sheriff’s office set? Was gorgeous and has collected lot of notes, and now rumours stopped….


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