Every LEGO NINJAGO character rumoured to return in summer 2022

A new LEGO NINJAGO rumour suggests that several characters will return to the theme in summer 2022, teasing potential story spoilers.

Be warned that while these rumours have not been officially confirmed, this article could contain spoilers for the next season of NINJAGO, but they should still be taken with caution until an official announcement.

Promobricks have added to their initial report for LEGO NINJAGO’s summer 2022 sets, naming even more characters that they believe will return to the theme later this year, mentioning not only more villains, but a few heroes too.


After 10 years of being defeated one by one, the villains of LEGO NINJAGO are reported to be drawing inspiration from a scheme first coined by Master Yang during the Day of the Departed, teaming up to take down the ninjas once and for all.

This team of villains include some that were thought to have been lost for good in LEGO NINJAGO but are now rumoured to return in Vengestone forms. This includes Aspheera, Harumi, Pythor, the Overlord, Mr E and the Skull Sorcerer, meaning the reported wave might reference characters from across the theme’s decade.


Jay, Kai, Nya, Cole, Wu, Lloyd and Zane are rumoured to be getting some assistance in the reported summer range of models from friends and a former foe that they’ve faced before. Skylor has returned to the theme since her initial introduction in the Tournament of Elements, appearing as recently as Hunted, with smaller cameos in March of the Oni and Seabound.

Nelson first appeared as a minifigure in 70589 Rock Roader, following his debut in Skybound. Since then, the character has been an uncommon inclusion in the show but did get a dedicated episode in seasons 11 and 14, where he was pursuing a career as a paperboy. How he might assist the ninjas in the rumoured summer 2022 range is unknown, considering his younger age compared to other characters.

Last in the reported list is Lord Garmadon, acting as both an enemy and ally to the team in the past. His last appearance was in March of the Oni, where he helped the ninjas and ran away after the battle. He’s set to appear in a canon comic series starting next month, and these rumours indicate that the novels may be important in telling us why he might decide to come back to the team, and his son.

Remember that these rumours are just that until officially confirmed, and any potential NINJAGO spoilers should still be treated with caution until officially confirmed. Also, be mindful that others might want to avoid the upcoming season being potentially spoiled before an official release.

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