Every single new LEGO set available from January 1, 2022

A brand new year is here, and with it, dozens of brand new LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at sets. For your convenience, here’s a round-up of every single new product launching today.

Whether you have a specific set in mind or are simply on the lookout for ways to spend your Christmas money, there’s probably going to be something in this list that will take your fancy. From brand new sets in a galaxy far, far away to one of the best modular buildings to date, 2022 is already shaping up to be another bumper year for the LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Group.

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LEGO for Adults

LEGO for Adults 10297 Boutique Hotel 39

As is tradition, New Year’s Day marks the launch of the latest addition to the Modular Buildings Collection. This year, that comes in the form of 10297 Boutique Hotel

$229.99 at BUY NOW
, a celebration of the 15th anniversary of the subtheme that’s packed with references to its predecessors.

10297 Boutique Hotel

$229.99 at BUY NOW
| review

LEGO Architecture

LEGO Architecture 21057 Singapore lifestyle 2 featured

Only one Architecture

$95.99 at BUY NOW
$99.99 at BUY NOW
$56.49 at BUY NOW
$79.99 at BUY NOW
set arrived on shelves in 2021, and so far, only one will be joining it in 2022. It does mark the return of the Skylines subtheme, however, which took a year off in 2021…

21057 Singapore

$59.99 at BUY NOW

LEGO Batman

LEGO Technic 42127 The Batman Batmobile review title

Four new sets based on Matt Reeves’ The Batman have been available in the US for a while, but you can now pick them up no matter where you are in the world. Alongside three System sets is the first-ever Technic Batmobile, which is surprisingly better than it looks on the box.

42127 The Batman – Batmobile | review
76179 Batman & Selina Kyle Motorcycle Pursuit
76181 Batmobile: The Penguin Chase
76183 Batcave: The Riddler Face-off

LEGO BrickHeadz

LEGO Star Wars 40539 Ahsoka Tano featured


$32.99 at BUY NOW
$24.99 at BUY NOW
is still going strong in 2022, and this month marks the addition of the theme’s 150th character. As chosen by fans in a LEGO Ideas poll, that character is none other than Star Wars’ Ahsoka Tano. She’s joined by a new Chinese New Year set, and two more BrickHeadz

$32.99 at BUY NOW
$24.99 at BUY NOW

40539 Ahsoka Tano | review
40540 Lion Dance Guy | review
40543 St. Bernard
40544 French Bulldog

LEGO Chinese New Year

LEGO 80109 The Lunar New Year Ice Festival lifestyle featured

The introduction of two new Chinese New Year sets has become another annual staple in the LEGO line-up, and this year’s also continue the other tradition of them being generally brilliant. If previous years are any indication, though, they won’t stick around for long. These two have been available in the UK since December 26, and will launch in the US on January 10.

80108 Lunar New Year Traditions | review
80109 Lunar New Year Ice Festival | review


LEGO CITY 60329 School Day lifestyle featured

You won’t find much more variety across a single theme than in LEGO CITY

$24.99 at BUY NOW
$24.99 at BUY NOW
$7.99 at BUY NOW
$139.99 at BUY NOW
, with this year’s latest wave spanning police, fire, school and hospital sets. CITY

$24.99 at BUY NOW
$24.99 at BUY NOW
$7.99 at BUY NOW
$139.99 at BUY NOW
’s civvies are also taking a trip to the beach, enjoying a picnic in the park and robbing banks. Standard stuff.

60312 Police Car
60314 Ice Cream Truck Police Chase
60315 Police Command Truck
60316 Police Station
60317 Police Chase at the Bank
60318 Fire Helicopter
60319 Fire Rescue & Police Chase
60320 Fire Station
60321 Fire Brigade
60322 Race Car
60323 Stunt Plane
60324 Mobile Crane
60325 Cement Mixer Truck
60326 Picnic in the Park
60327 Horse Transporter
60328 Beach Lifeguard Station
60329 School Day
60330 Hospital
60343 Rescue Helicopter Transport

LEGO Collectible Minifigures

LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71032 Series 22 featured

Tired of licensed Collectible Minifigures series? Good news: January 1 marks the launch of 71032 Series 22

$4.99 at BUY NOW
$918.99 at BUY NOW
$29.99 at BUY NOW
$6.49 at BUY NOW
, the first in-house range of blind-bagged characters since last January’s 71029 Series 21

$4.99 at BUY NOW
$918.99 at BUY NOW
$29.99 at BUY NOW
$6.49 at BUY NOW
. The eclectic cast of minifigures includes a wheelchair athlete, lute-playing bard and acorn boy.

71032 Series 22

$4.99 at BUY NOW
$918.99 at BUY NOW
$29.99 at BUY NOW
$6.49 at BUY NOW

LEGO Creator 3-in-1

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 31129 Majestic Tiger featured

Just one LEGO Creator 3-in-1 set has slinked on to shelves today, but it’s a belter: 31129 Majestic Tiger

$49.99 at BUY NOW
is as large an animal as the LEGO Group has ever put out, and it boasts the detail and accuracy to match. In fact, it might just be a little too accurate

31129 Majestic Tiger

$49.99 at BUY NOW


LEGO DOTS 41948 Cute Banana Pen Holder lifestyle featured

Bag tags and bracelets abound in the latest batch of LEGO DOTS

$19.99 at BUY NOW
$7.99 at BUY NOW
$29.99 at BUY NOW
$49.99 at BUY NOW
products, along with another series of printed tiles to decorate everything with. There’s also a self-described ‘cute’ banana pen holder. We’ll be the judge of that, thanks. (Okay, it is.)

41942 Into the Deep Bracelets with Charms
41943 Gamer Bracelet with Charms
41944 Candy Kitty Bracelet and Bag Tag
41945 Neon Tiger Bracelet and Bag Tag
41946 Extra DOTS – Series 6 
41948 Cute Banana Pen Holder

LEGO Friends

LEGO Friends 41704 Main Street Building lifestyle featured

Eight new LEGO Friends sets are now available worldwide, including the theme’s largest build to date in 41704 Main Street Building

$159.99 at BUY NOW
. It’s a bit of a misnomer really: there are actually three buildings in the set, all with removable floors, modular-style. Plus, check out that huge tree house…

41695 Pet Clinic
41697 Turtle Protection Vehicle
41700 Beach Glamping
41701 Street Food Market
41702 Canal Houseboat
41703 Friendship Tree House
41704 Main Street Building
41707 Tree-Planting Vehicle

LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone featured

LEGO Ideas’ release schedule has ramped up over the past 12 months, and it shows no signs of slowing down as we enter 2022. The first (but perhaps not last) set based on Sonic the Hedgehog joins the fray today, complete with all of the Chaos Emeralds.

21331 Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone

LEGO Marvel

LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 76205 Gargantos Showdown featured

Five LEGO Marvel sets were originally supposed to launch on January 1, but only two have actually made it to shelves: the three mechs have been postponed indefinitely owing to a ‘stability issue’. Fortunately, the best of the bunch is still available in 76205 Gargantos Showdown.

10781 Spider-Man’s Techno Trike
10782 Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown

$19.99 at BUY NOW

10783 Spider-Man at Doc Ock’s Lab
10784 Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout

$49.99 at BUY NOW

76205 Gargantos Showdown
76206 Iron Man Figure

$39.99 at BUY NOW

LEGO Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft 21183 The Training Grounds lifestyle featured

You voted for it, and now it’s here: LEGO Minecraft’s first Ninja minifigure. Chosen by fans at last year’s inaugural LEGO CON, the character is bundled in with 21183 The Training Grounds

$79.99 at BUY NOW
, just one of six brand new Minecraft sets available from today.

21177 The Creeper Ambush
21178 The Fox Lodge
21179 The Mushroom House
21180 The Guardian Battle
21181 The Rabbit Ranch
21183 The Training Grounds

LEGO Monkie Kid

LEGO Monkie Kid 80036 The City of Lanterns lifestyle 3 featured

Cementing its status as one of the most interesting themes around at the moment, Monkie Kid

$39.99 at BUY NOW
$129.99 at BUY NOW
$49.99 at BUY NOW
$59.99 at BUY NOW
is going to strange new places in 2022. Places like outer space, courtesy of 80035 Monkie Kid

$39.99 at BUY NOW
$129.99 at BUY NOW
$49.99 at BUY NOW
$59.99 at BUY NOW
’s Galactic Explorer. We have a feeling 80036 The City of Lanterns

$159.99 at BUY NOW
will find favour with plenty of fans, too…

80030 Monkie Kid’s Staff Creations 
80031 Mei’s Dragon Car
80032 Chang’e Moon Cake Factory
80033 Evil Macaque’s Mech
80034 Nezha’s Fire Ring
80035 Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer
80036 The City of Lanterns


LEGO NINJAGO 71766 Lloyds Legendary Dragon lifestyle featured


$54.99 at BUY NOW
$115.99 at BUY NOW
$45.99 at BUY NOW
$50.99 at BUY NOW
is pressing the great reset button in January 2022, with a wave of sets that acts independently of the TV series for the first time – and in doing so, attempts to capture a brand new 6+ audience. Expect dragons, mechs, temples and cars: all the hallmarks of NINJAGO

$54.99 at BUY NOW
$115.99 at BUY NOW
$45.99 at BUY NOW
$50.99 at BUY NOW
, basically.

71757 Lloyd’s Ninja Mech
71760 Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO | review
71761 Zane’s Power Up Mech EVO | review
71762 Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO | review
71763 Lloyd’s Race Car EVO | review
71765 Ninja Ultra Combo Mech
71766 Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon | review
71767 Ninja Dojo Temple | review
71776 Jay and Nya’s Race Car EVO

LEGO Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars 75320 Snowtrooper Battle Pack FEATURED 1 RESIZE

Just five new LEGO Star Wars sets are available today, two of which represent firsts for the theme as blister packs. We’ve also got the return of the battle pack – bringing with it an increased price tag – ready to fill up your newly-acquired 75313 AT-AT

$209.99 at BUY NOW
$169.99 at BUY NOW
$23.99 at BUY NOW
$849.99 at BUY NOW
. Synergy.

75320 Snowtrooper Battle Pack | review
75321 The Razor Crest Microfighter | review
75322 Hoth AT-ST | review
40557 Defence of Hoth | review
40558 Clone Trooper Command Station | review

LEGO Super Mario

LEGO Super Mario 71399 Luigis Mansion Entryway Expansion Set lifestyle featured

Luigi stole the spotlight five months ago when his starter course landed in stores, but now the lesser-spotted Mario bro is going one leap further with a wave of sets focused on his spin-off series, Luigi’s Mansion. There’s also two beach-focused expansions and a new series of Character Packs to collect.

71396 Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car
71397 Luigi’s Mansion Lab and Poltergust | review
71398 Dorrie’s Beachfront
71399 Luigi’s Mansion Entryway | review
71400 Big Urchin Beach Ride
71401 Luigi’s Mansion Haunt-and-Seek
71402 Character Packs – Series 4

LEGO Technic

LEGO Technic 42130 BMW M 1000 RR 7

There’s a varied spread of Technic sets available from today for keen gearheads, including the theme’s first Ultimate Collector Series-style set in 42130 BMW M 1000 RR, its first-ever Batmobile, and two brand new pullback sets anchored around an (unfortunately pretty naff) app.

42127 The Batman – Batmobile | review
42130 BMW M 1000 RR | review
42132 Motorcycl

$9.99 at BUY NOW76260
$15.99 at BUY NOW42132
$12.99 at BUY NOW
13504389 4914920057318153
$29.99 atWidget Logos Zavvi BUY NOW12955356 1994888096314684
$29.99 atWidget Logos Zavvi BUY NOW13810513 1734960182628941
$54.99 atWidget Logos Zavvi BUY NOW13715178 1484958107142835
$24.99 atWidget Logos Zavvi BUY NOW

42134 Monster Jam Megalodon 
42135 Monster Jam El Toro Loco
42137 Formula E Porsche 99X Electric | review
42138 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 | review

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