Everything that happened at LEGO CON 2022

LEGO CON 2022 lasted over two hours, so you’d be forgiven for not watching it all. However, there are quite a lot of announcements to go through.

You can check out the full playback of LEGO CON 2022 by clicking here, or keep scrolling to see our summary of everything that happened at the second event of its kind.

A LEGO MASTERS all-stars team build

LEGO MASTERS all stars cake

Contestants from the various versions of LEGO MASTERS all around the world teamed up to create a cake over the course of the show to celebrate 90 years of the LEGO Group, referencing all kinds of classic themes.

A Lightyear masterclass

Lightyear masterclass

Lightyear director Angus MacLane appeared via a pre-recorded video to explain his techniques for designing concepts and how he uses LEGO to explore shapes and ideas.

A modular Sanctum Sanctorum

LEGO Marvel 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum lifestyle featured

The rumoured LEGO Marvel 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum was officially revealed, able to connect to other modular models from LEGO ICONS and Marvel and inspired by scenes from two movies.

FC Barcelona BrickHeadz

40542 Prod

The LEGO Group’s partnership with FC Barcelona has now expanded to BrickHeadz with a new customisable model that host Melvin Odoom went hands-on with.

LEGOLAND parks reached double digits

LEGOLAND Korea 2022

LEGOLAND Korea was highlighted in the show as one of the newest resorts to open worldwide, bringing the total number of LEGOLAND parks to double digits.

90th-anniversary sets

Two new LEGO models were revealed, recreating past sets and revisiting themes for the 90th anniversary. These include 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle and 10497 Galaxy Explorer.

New LEGO Collectible Minifigures

LEGO 71034 Collectible Minifigures Series 23 full

Designers were on hand to reveal three new LEGO Collectible Minifigures from 71034 Series 23. However, it didn’t take long for the LEGO CON hub to officially reveal the rest of the range.

A trailer for the second half of NINJAGO Crystalized

2022 06 18 11

At around 59 minutes into the show, a new trailer for the second batch of episodes for NINJAGO Crystalized revealed the main villain and more surrounding the plot of this latest season.

LEGO Avatar

75574 Prod

LEGO Avatar was officially confirmed with the reveal of 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls, bringing back pieces from Toy Story and introducing new elements based on the franchise.

New LEGO Minecraft models

Two new LEGO Minecraft sets were revealed at the show, both arriving later this year with new minifigures to collect.

Another LEGO Minecraft minifigure vote

LEGO Minecraft lego con 2022 vote

Another LEGO Minecraft Minifigure vote was revealed to determine which of the three above minifigures will appear in a future set, though at the time of writing we’re still waiting for the poll to appear on Twitter.

LEGO Games

LEGO Brawls featured 800 445

LEGO Games made a brief appearance at LEGO CON to showcase a new trailer for LEGO Brawls, offer comparison images for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and remind us of the new demo for LEGO Bricktales.

An ending for LEGO Friends

2022 06 18 18

A new animated series for LEGO Friends was revealed, and the designers teased that this may be an ending for the theme, or at the very least it’s main characters which have been part of LEGO Friends for 10 years.

A Harry Potter tour

Warner bros studio tour

Though it was mostly an advertisement for 76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk, a tour of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour with Evanna Lynch was available to watch.

A LEGO Super Mario Character Packs hunt

LEGO mario character packs 5 feat

The newest series of LEGO Super Mario Character Packs was officially revealed as 71410 Character Packs – Series 5 introduces some changes to the usual formula.

A new LEGO Art set

LEGO Art 31207 Floral Art lifestyle featured

31207 Floral Art is the latest, and one of the cheapest LEGO Art set launching later this year, offering a more affordable brick-built way to decorate your walls.

LEGO MINDSTORMS machine learning

LEGO Mindstorms machine learning

LEGO MINDSTORMS 51515 Robot Inventor is integrating machine learning into the software as the electronic elements can now recognise words you program in via the app.

A LEGO CITY Stuntz spectacular

LEGO CITY Stuntz spectacular

As a quick break from the announcements, the three hosts of LEGO CON got together for a LEGO CITY Stuntz spectacular using the new sets available now.

A LEGO Technic Ferrari showcase

LEGO Technic 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3 featured 1

Just before the LEGO Star Wars segment of the show, there was a quick showcase of the new 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3 LEGO Technic set, including commentary on how the shape of the model was achieved with bricks.

A first look at the 2023 LEGO Star Wars sets

LEGO Star Wars 2023 first look featured

As exciting as that headline sounds, there wasn’t much to see from the behind-the-scenes tour of the LEGO Innovation house as a look at what was referred to as the 2023 range of LEGO Star Wars sets was heavily censored, as you might have expected. Seeing where these models are made was interesting though.

Two new LEGO Star Wars sets

LEGO Star Wars lego con

Rounding out the event was the reveal of two new LEGO Star Wars sets as both 75323 The Justifier and 75337 AT-TE Walker are launching later this year, including a Phase 2 Commander Cody minifigure in the latter.

A LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation teaser

LEGO Star Wars Summer vacation logo featured

It was announced that the first full trailer for the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation Disney+ special is coming on June 21, but some teaser footage was revealed in the meantime.

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