Evolution of the LEGO FORMA 81002 Splash Koi Skin

The LEGO FORMA team has revealed the development that 81002 Splash Koi Skin went through to reach the final design.

In a new way of launching a theme, the LEGO Group has been asking fans to put their money down and support LEGO FORMA on Indiegogo, a new range of fish based sets aimed at the adult market. The base set, 81000 Koi Model, constructs the interior using Technic elements before a skin is added to make the build display worthy.

Backers have received the latest update that reveals how 81002 Splash Koi Skin went from its original predominantly green colour scheme to end up with a brighter, pinker look.

LEGO FORMA Koi progress

As well as the image that shows the various changes the skin went through, the text alongside explains a little about the design process:

For the LEGO FORMA Splash Koi Skin, we played around with different effects and painting styles and were highly inspired by water colours. Being the most colourful of the three koi skins, the Splash Koi also proved to be the most challenging one. Our vision for its colour vibrancy and details not only had to work on screen, but also on print, to ensure it would live up to our high quality standards. It took us some rounds of iteration to get it right, but feel very happy with the end result.

The initial run of LEGO FORMA is now sold out via Indiegogo, but if the pilot proves successful then the product is expected to arrive at shop.LEGO.com in 2019.

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