Exclusive 21037 LEGO House set briefly sold at LEGO.com

The official LEGO online shop was briefly selling the exclusive set 21037 LEGO House yesterday.

First, the various LEGOLAND Parks started selling exclusive sets online, then yesterday, LEGO.com briefly sold 21037 LEGO House for £44.99. It has disappeared now – was it a glitch? Will it be back?

The LEGO Architecture style model builds a replica of the LEGO House, the impressive structure that was designed by the Barke Ingels Group using no interior pillars, allowing for a wide open square below what looks like a giant stack of LEGO bricks.

Those who went to the trouble of buying the set as a souvenir at the LEGO House, which is located in Billund, Denmark alongside the company’s headquarters, might be disapointed to note that it was actually cheaper online than at the venue itself.

Exclusive: Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen discusses the LEGO House

This coincides with the news that LEGO.com delivery times are back to normal, so fans should no longer face delays in receiving their LEGO bricks.

Due to measures to limit the spread of coronavirus, the LEGO House is currently closed.

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