Exclusive LEGO Marvel and DC posters at San Diego Comic Con

The LEGO Group has given away two different posters at San Diego Comic Con, one for the Marvel Super Heroes theme and one for the DC Super Heroes theme.

One of the benefits that attendees at San Diego Comic Con receive is free giveaways, should they be in the right place at the right time. The Brick Fan reports that at the LEGO booth on Thursday, fans were treated to two posters to choose from. The Marvel poster features the many minifigures of the cinematic universe, celebrating a decade of movies. The DC poster focuses on Superman’s 80th anniversary, showing different depictions of the hero over the years in minifigure form.

The current LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets are available now from shop.LEGO.com.

The current LEGO DC Super Heroes sets are available now from shop.LEGO.com.

San Diego Comic Con 2018 runs from July 19 to July 22.

San Diego Comic Con


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