Fake LEGO shop websites seek to confuse consumers

It seems that as well as clone brands, the LEGO Group now has clone websites to contend with.

Consumers have recently been confused by a number of websites using ‘LEGO’ in the domain name and copied content from the official LEGO online shop. The fake shops look authentic to those who are perhaps less accustomed to visiting shop.LEGO.com, but often offer much lower prices.

These websites have been spotted by social media users, LEGO ambassadors and members of the toy industry in recent weeks. The LEGO Group has released a statement in response to a high volume of reports coming in about such websites:

We are aware of the existence of websites that mislead consumers in different ways and we take all of these incidents very seriously. While we cannot comment on our specific actions, what we can say is that when we are made aware of or observe any situation where consumers are misled and our intellectual rights are violated we always take the appropriate actions to protect consumers as well as our brand.

We believe that consumers should always be aware of when they are purchasing a genuine LEGO product and when they purchase something else – and they should not be misled during the process of purchase.

We are aware that it may be difficult to identify a fake website, but if in doubt, consumers can be certain that the official LEGO shop on www.shop.LEGO.com is genuine.

fake lego shop 2

It is always worth considering before making any purchases that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. If a website is full of half price LEGO sets, it most likely falls under that category.

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