Fan uses LEGO animation to adapt Star Wars: Jedi Outcast

A CG animated LEGO Star Wars short based on Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast has spent a week being shared far and wide.

raptor5120 has been working on adapting Jedi Outcast, part of the popular Jedi Knight series of Star Wars video games that evolved from the fondly remembered Dark Forces, into a LEGO animated series of shorts. The first episode adapts the game’s first two levels.

Original sounds and voices from the Star Wars video game are utilised in the 16 minute animation. Over 100,000 fans have viewed the video in just a week, thanks to the nostalgia inducing source material and high quality CG animation.

Animator raptor5120 teased a follow-up episode in the YouTube comments:

It was really hard to finish and took more time than I expected… But I think it looks great! I hope I’ll be able to make more episodes soon.

It seems that plenty of viewers will be keen to see the next episode when it arrives.



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