Fans can use the Force with new LEGO Star Wars experience

A new LEGO Star Wars campaign, Master the Force, allows fans to gesture at digital LEGO bricks – and use the Force.

To celebrate the launch of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the LEGO Group has launched the Master the Force campaign, that includes a digital screen experience at the Bluewater shopping centre and Newcastle Metro shopping centre.
The experience features the characters from Solo, including the titular smuggler and Chewbacca, Qi’ra and Lando. First off, users must choose the light or dark side, before embarking on building spaceships of their own, simply by waving at the screen to make choices. Those looking to achieve Jedi Master status must build as quickly as possible to wrack up the most points.

Once the digital fun is over, fans can take a photo with the crew and share it on social media.

“We want to inspire kids to play with LEGO Star Wars through amazing experiences and creative play, and this awesome attraction allows kids to interact with LEGO Star Wars in a unique way,” said Al Galletly, Brand Manager for Star Wars at the LEGO Group.

“This immersive experience brings LEGO sets to life through strategic use of creative technology, allowing customers to get hands on and explore the latest products in a fun and memorable way,” said Ric Albert, Creative Director at Grand Visual – the company behind the screens. “At the end of gameplay, the photo opportunity extends the life of the campaign to digital audiences by encouraging participants to share their picture with family and friends online.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in cinemas now.  The current range of LEGO Star Wars sets are available at


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