Fans disappointed by Zavvi’s LEGO ZBOX

The LEGO ZBOX has finally arrived with customers who ordered the mystery items, leading to fans taking to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

Zavvi, like many purveyors of pop culture merchandise, has a monthly mystery box subscription called ZBOX. A special one-off LEGO edition was sold in June, limited to 800 boxes and promising £40 of merchandise for a £29.99 price. They sold out within a few hours.

In the past week, fans have received the boxes, and taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

First, confusing information was provided about when the ZBOX would be shipping, with obfuscation around delivery delays…

Then the actual content of the LEGO ZBOX came in for criticism, in no small part due to the lack of exclusive official LEGO product contained within…

The product description promised ‘6-7 items including an all new LEGO product and a LEGO themed t-shirt suitable for all ages 5 and up!’ The wording may have been chosen carefully, as it could be that Zavvi deem the recently released BrickHeadz set as new, even though the implication was taken by many that an entirely new product would be included.


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