‘Farthest distance walking on LEGO bricks’ record broken

The Guinness World Record for farthest distance walking on LEGO bricks has been broken by a popular YouTube personality.

While it may be debatable whether the Internet’s insistence that stepping on a LEGO brick is the most painful thing outside of childbirth is accurate or not, the myth persists, and it makes for time passing YouTube fodder. The Dude Perfect crew challenged themselves to take on a Guinness World Record, to see how far they could walk barefoot on loose LEGO bricks.

If you are not sufficiently appreciative of dude banter, skip to 4 minutes 44 seconds for the LEGO record breaking as part of the Absurd Recurds segment.

Guinness World Record professional Michael Empric adjudicated the record, to ensure that everything was done according to official brick walking standards. Tyler Toney easily exceeded the existing best distance by over 60 feet, earning the title of Guinness World Record holder. It is not the first time for the Dude Perfect crew, but typically they are beating sporting records rather than brick based challenges.

What should be next for Dude Perfect? It seems like a while since the tallest ever LEGO tower record has been broken…


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