Feline fans rejoice as Cat design reaches 10k votes on LEGO Ideas

Anyone longing to have a cat in their house without have to deal with litter trays and fur balls will love this new design on LEGO Ideas.

You wait all day for a design to qualify for 10,000 votes and then two come along at once! No sooner had House of Open Shutters crossed the 10k finish line, then hot on its heels (or possibly just in front of it, we must confess we didn’t see which one got there first), another set achieves its goal.

This time it’s a design by Andres Damian from Belgium, aka The Yellow Brick. With their second submission to LEGO Ideas, they’ve designed a lifelike cat, perfect for fans of the feline form who are less content to see their clothes and furniture covered in fur and / or shredded by little claws.

The design, simply named ‘Cat‘, is a nigh-on life-sized model of Andres’ own cat, Miro, which is a Birman / Siamese cross. The design uses 1,972 pieces and as well as the cat itself, includes a bowl of milk and a fishbone.


The design joins 24 other sets in the next LEGO Ideas review and, given the number of cat lovers around the world, we think it’s probably got a fair chance of progressing to the next stage. Take a look at the full list of 25 designs that are in competition to be selected, below.

House of Open Shutters
Modular Arcade
The Old Western Train Station  
The Neverending Story (40th Anniversary)   
The Architect’s House   
London Underground     
Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg    
Cipher Machine    
Golden Clifftop Temple    
Classic Thunderbirds    
The Wright Flyer    
BOTW Temple of Time    
Pixar’s Up House with Balloons    
The Travel Suitcase    
Japanese Courtyard Garden    
The Lost City     
Pac-Man Moving Display     
Castle Dracula     
This Is Fine     
Ancient Roman Temple    

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