First rumoured details of new LEGO modular building for 2022

The first rumoured details of next year’s LEGO modular building have surfaced online, pointing to familiar subject matter for the long-running series.

Instagram user greekbricks – who first published information on a new LEGO Star Wars Jabba’s Palace, which is now said to be coming as Boba Fett’s Palace in January – reports that 2022’s modular building will carry the product number 10297 and retail for $200.

That matches the price point of 10278 Police Station and 10264 Corner Garage, suggesting we’re in for another beefy modular building next year (compared to 10270 Bookshop, for example, which costs just $179.99). And it might also be a throwback to the oldest set in the series, 2007’s 10182 Café Corner, because greekbricks claims 2022’s building could be a hotel.

LEGO Creator Expert 10182 Cafe Corner full sized contents

While we’ve already had one nod to the café from the original modular building in 2017’s celebratory 10255 Assembly Square, this would be our first hotel in the subtheme since 10182 Café Corner. Whether it apes the style of that very first set or delivers something totally new remains to be seen – as does the legitimacy of this rumour.

Regardless, a modular building launching on January 1 feels as safe a bet as any – it’s just the details that are up in the air. Based on previous years, expect an official reveal closer to the end of 2021.

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