First LEGO Architecture 2023 set revealed at

The LEGO building instructions server has revealed the first image of a brand new LEGO Architecture set arriving later this year.

40585 World of Wonders includes microscale recreations of the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Petra and the Parthenon, together forming three of the seven modern wonders of the world. (The Parthenon isn’t on the official list.) There’s no word yet on how we’ll be able to get our hands on the set, but the product number suggests it’ll be a gift-with-purchase.

The only image we have so far – courtesy of the building instructions portal – also isn’t what you’d call huge, so it’s hard to make out much detail across the four microscale builds. We can at least see that each one comes with its own black base and nameplate, mirroring the larger LEGO Architecture range.

LEGO Architecture 40585 World of Wonders GWP 1

Those (presumably printed) tiles also reveal that Petra is designated specifically as Al-Khazneh (or ‘the treasury’), one of the ancient city’s most elaborate temples. The structure was carved from a sandstone rock face, and is among the most iconic visuals associated with Petra – and one of Jordan’s most popular tourist spots.

It’s also one of two models in 40585 World of Wonders that doesn’t currently exist in any capacity in the LEGO Architecture theme, alongside the Parthenon. Whether we’ll see one or both of those places represented in the mainline sets – joining 21056 Taj Mahal and 21041 Great Wall of China – is not guaranteed, but it does feel a bit more likely now.

Keep an eye on Brick Fanatics for more info on 40585 World of Wonders – and its availability – as we get it. For now, it’s the only confirmed LEGO Architecture set for 2023 so far.

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