First look at LEGO CITY 60290 Skate Park

LEGO CITY fans can get a first look at a 2021 set, 60290 Skate Park, in an early review.

The CITY theme has been striving for greater representation in its sets for the past few years, and 60290 Skate Park continues that trend with an adventurous wheelchair user. It’s a new colour for the wheelchair piece, which was first introduced in 2016’s 60134 Fun in the Park – City People Pack.

That’s not the only way 60290 Skate Park looks set to bring a little diversity to your LEGO layout, though. As YouTuber just2good notes in his early review of the set, it’s packed with recoloured elements, including the wheelchair user’s green helmet, the skateboarder’s hair and helmet combo, and the dark blue mountain bike.

The set also includes a segment of the new road plates, which are about to make their debut in the 2021 CITY range. But while that all sounds pretty tempting, just2good reckons it isn’t quite worth paying full price for.

“There’s some nice builds here with a skate park, which is something we just don’t see often in LEGO, but I feel like this is way overpriced,” he says. “For $40 it does not feel as if it’s worth it. And I like this thing a lot, but it just should be like $25, I would even say $30. The build here just could have been expanded upon. If you’re going to make this a $40 set, add more to the skate park.”

Check out just2good’s full review in the video above. 60290 Skate Park will launch on January 1, 2021 for £24.99 / $39.99 / €29.23.

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