First rumoured details of 2021’s LEGO Winter Village set

The first rumoured details of this year’s LEGO Winter Village Collection set are starting to emerge, including a potential product number and price tag.

According to Instagram user brick_clicker, this year’s seasonal set will be numbered 10293, which fills that particular gap in the LEGO for Adults line-up between 10292 The Friends Apartments and 10295 Porsche 911 (10294 is still unaccounted for, though rumoured to be the Titanic).

It will reportedly also follow in the footsteps of the previous three Winter Village sets – 10263 Winter Village Fire Station, 10267 Gingerbread House and 10275 Elf Club House – by retailing for $100 (or $99.99, more likely), which suggests a corresponding price tag of £84.99 in the UK and €89.99 in Europe.

LEGO Creator Expert 10267 Gingerbread House featured 800 445

And that’s basically all the rumoured info we have at the moment, with very little else to go on. Will this year’s set continue the whimsical direction of the past couple of years, which leaned into the fantastical side of the LEGO Group’s holiday setting, or will we see a return to the realism of years previous?

We likely won’t have to wait too long to find out for sure, as the Winter Village Collection sets typically go on sale in late September/early October. Expect a full reveal around mid-September, but remember that the price and product number discussed here are still just rumours for now – even if they do feel like a pretty safe bet.

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2 thoughts on “First rumoured details of 2021’s LEGO Winter Village set

  • 10/09/2021 at 04:03

    Well, looks like the wait is over – the long awaited news is out today that the new set will be the Santa’s Visit Cottage. Looks charming.

  • 27/08/2021 at 11:21

    For the winter wonderland collection I personally believe they [Lego]need to design a Christmas Carnival Parade with carousel wheel, waltzers, coconut shy – as so it gives the towns people [ Santa’s Helpers]a little more activity and also gives me an excuse to buy more Christmas Lego. Kendra x


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