Five LEGO Ideas sets we’d love to see from the latest review

A whopping 25 different LEGO Ideas projects have just entered the review process, so here’s five we’d love to see become reality.

The LEGO Ideas platform has had a wild 2020, predominantly thanks to coronavirus keeping us all indoors and glued to screens for entertainment. With Netflix completed, our gaming backlogs conquered and our brick budget exhausted, the only thing left to do was go vote for future LEGO sets.

That’s probably why at least 25 projects have qualified for each of the year’s three review periods. The most recent, which finished on January 4, saw exactly that number reach the 10,000 votes necessary to advance to the next stage of the process. There’s plenty that will never make the cut for obvious reasons – we’ve just had an official police station, for example – but here’s five we’d love to see on LEGO Store shelves one day.

5 – The Little Venice

LEGO Ideas The Little Venice

Pablo Sánchez is absolutely prolific on LEGO Ideas, and he’s already had one project realised in what’s probably one of the theme’s best sets, 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay. The Little Venice recreates a slice of the iconic Italian city, complete with a canal and a gondola. In Pablo’s own words, it’s a tribute to ‘those great guilds of gondoliers, glassblowers, singers, musicians and cooks from a city with great history, architecture, culture and gastronomy.’ Sign us up.

4 – Red Dwarf Starbug

LEGO Ideas Red Dwarf Starbug 1

This isn’t the first Red Dwarf project Bob Turner has submitted to LEGO Ideas, and nor is it the first one he’s taken to 10,000 votes. We reckon Starbug has a much better chance of succeeding, though, because while it’s still based on a show that’s arguably pretty niche even in the UK, it’s also a massive green spaceship with really unique shaping. The spherical design – inspired by Bruce Lowell’s famous technique – would make for a fascinating build, and we’d love to see if the LEGO designers could figure out a way to stand it up on just its legs.

3 – Avatar: The Illuminated World of Pandora

LEGO Avatar The Illuminated World of Pandora featured

Ivan Guerrero’s name is another that should be familiar to veteran Ideas fans, as he’s the man responsible for 21324 123 Sesame Street. This time, he’s turned his attentions to James Cameron’s visual feast of filmmaking in Avatar: The Illuminated World of Pandora, a project that – much like the movie – is best appreciated for its stunning visuals. You don’t need to be a fan of the story to love what Ivan’s done with the LEGO Group’s colour palette in this majestic model.

2 – Wallace & Gromit

LEGO Ideas Wallace and Gromit Featured

Brick-built characters aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this pair should definitely be your slice of cheese. (Yes, that’s a phrase; no, don’t ask us about it.) LEGO MASTERS contestant Tom Gerardin’s Wallace & Gromit project lovingly recreates Britain’s most dynamic claymation duo, complete with buildable references to the classic Aardman shorts. The characters have long transcended their British roots to become international cultural icons, so they shouldn’t be too niche, either.

1 – Classic Castle

LEGO Ideas Classic Castle featured

If any theme can be said to have received particularly short shrift from the LEGO Group in recent years, it’s Castle. Space and Pirates have both had nods or full-blown tributes over the past couple of years, but any mention of the much-loved medieval theme has largely come from the Collectible Minifigures. The upcoming Medieval Blacksmith will go some way to rectifying that, but what we really want is a huge fortress, realised with modern-day elements and building techniques. Frank Boor’s Classic Castle could be just the ticket.

Click here to see all 25 projects currently up for consideration in the third LEGO Ideas review of 2020. Three projects have already qualified for the first 2021 review, including The Shire, The Office and Among Us: The Skeld Detailed Map.

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    i love the wallace and gromit lego im a big lego collector and id love to buy it


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