Five LEGO World Records you could try and break, and one to avoid

As New Zealander, Alex Blong, waits to hear if he’s broken the World Record for the longest LEGO train, here are five others you might want to have a crack at.

In New Zealand, 14-year-old Alex Blong is waiting to hear if his attempt at breaking the World Record for the longest LEGO train has been successful. The teenager created a 101 carriage locomotive which had to travel 10 metres. It looks like he succeeded, but he has to wait for independent verification. Meanwhile, we wondered what other LEGO World Records there were, and according to there are no fewer than 6,760 records that involve LEGO. We picked five that you may wish to have a crack at – and one that you probably don’t have a chance with.

5 – Largest LEGO brick number

It’s a number. Made out of LEGO bricks. In August 2021, a team of four Chinese builders from Nanchang built the number 100 from 13,169 bricks. That’s got to be beatable, right?

Largest Lego Number


4 – Fastest Titanic build

Okay, you may have to wait until 10294 Titanic is back in stock, but when it is, how fast do you think you can build it? In March 2022, Mike Wimmer of Salisbury, North Carolina, put the 9,090 piece set together in 10 hours, 46 minutes and 31 seconds. Got a Saturday spare? Clear the kitchen table and give it a go.

LEGO 10294 Titanic 68

3 – Farthest barefoot walk on LEGO bricks

We wouldn’t recommend trying this one if we’re honest. In Woodstock, Illionois back in May 2021, Salacnib “Sonny” Molina walked 29,195 ft, 10.39 inches (8,898.9m) across LEGO bricks. Barefoot. That’s got to hurt!

2 – Tallest structure

This one might take a bit of time. And some friends. And a large crane. In Milan, in June 2015 a tower, using an estimated 550,000 LEGO bricks, was build that stood 114 ft, 11in (35.05m) high.

Tallest Lego Tower


1 – Largest collection of LEGO sets

The record for the largest collection of LEGO sets in a private collection goes to Vitalii Solovev from Minsk, Belarus. On 25 May 2021 his collection was confirmed as 5,416 sets. Can someone out there beat that?

And lastly…

Here’s one that we don’t think is worth you having a crack at. The farthest distance travelled by a minifigure currently stands at 1.74 billion miles. The minifigures of the god Jupiter, his wife Juno and the scientist Galileo travelled to Jupiter aboard NASA’s Juno space probe. Sadly they perished along with the craft when it crashed into Jupiter (we’re pretty sure NASA planned that), taking its tiny passengers with it.

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