Five new LEGO Elves sets revealed for 2018

The LEGO Group will continue the Elves theme with five new sets in 2018.

Official images of the LEGO Elves sets due for release in 2018 have been uploaded to the official LEGO website. Five new sets will comprise the theme, that are expected to be exclusive to the official online shop in the UK.

  • 41190 Emily Jones and the Eagle Getaway
  • 41191 Naida and the Water Turtle Ambush
  • 41192 Azari and the Fire Lion Capture
  • 41193 Aira and the Song of the Wind Dragon
  • 41194 Noctura’s Tower and the Earth Fox Rescue

These new sets are expected to launch in January 2018. The current LEGO Elves range is available to order from


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