Five picks from Amazon’s huge LEGO sale

One of the biggest LEGO sales of the year is currently taking place on Amazon, with some absolutely fantastic discounts. Some sets are even discounted by more than 40%. Here we have rounded up five of our picks from the sale, but be sure to click through and compare what’s on sale to your wish list.


70315 Clay’s Rumble Blade

RRP: £29.99 Current Price: £13.49

This is a highlight of the NEXO KNIGHTS range, a great entry point that set that captures the fusion of technology with Castle perfectly. It’s a solid, playable vehicle with detachable mini vehicles and includes one of the theme’s key protagonists. At a whopping 50%+ discount, it’s time to try NEXO KNIGHTS.


41066 Anna and Kristoff’s Sleigh Adventure

RRP: £24.99 Current Price: £15.00

This set is a tough sell at full price, as the building side of it isn’t so hot. But with some extra bricks for the collection then the trading post and sleigh could both be improved. It’s one of just a handful of sets from Frozen, and is well worth a look while on sale. Whatever your position on mini-dolls, the Sven the Reindeer in this set is a nice inclusion.


76049 Avenjet Space Mission

RRP: £49.99 Current Price: £29.06

Avengers in space! This is one of the more interesting sets in the current Marvel Super Heroes line up, with a striking colour scheme and a few neat functions. The set also includes four unique minifigures, plus a particularly neat Thanos big fig.


76053 Batman Gotham City Chase

RRP: £19.99 Current Price: £12.35

For obvious reasons, the LEGO Group shied away from releasing products with the words ‘Suicide Squad’ on the box. So this is the closest that fans get to a set from the movie, with a Suicide Squad inspired Harley Quinn riding a bike full of character. Both builds are good, making this set a real bargain.


70595 Ultra Stealth Raider

RRP: £79.99 Current price: £53.99

This is a big and recent to already be getting discounted. It’s an awesome, bulky vehicle packing plenty of firepower and comes alongside a surprisingly cool snake walker mech. Like most of the current NINJAGO range, the set includes a bunch of minifigures – four heroes and three villains, giving a nice mix straight away. This set is a great example of the theme, mixing a quality build with a lot of fun.

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