Five potential themes from LEGO World Builder we’d love to see made

It’s been six months since the launch of LEGO World Builder and over 1,000 projects have been posted to the platform. Here are some of the best among them.

LEGO World Builder is the LEGO Group’s new initiative to inspire fans to develop their own world and stories. These worlds can then be posted to the LEGO World Builder platform, where they may be picked up and made into a real LEGO theme.

The platform is only open to fans over 18 whilst multiple users, called architects, can collaborate on a single project. Unlike LEGO Ideas, this platform isn’t just for sets, but entire themes. With the platform now half a year old, are five potential themes so far uploaded that we’d love to see the LEGO Group take on.

5 – LEGO Starcheology

LEGO Starchelogy World Builder

If there’s one thing that LEGO World Builder’s architects do well it has to be the artwork. LEGO Starcheology boasts not only stunning character art but a well thought-out mix of two popular themes.

L-di-ego is the architect of this project which aims to combine Adventurers and Space in a single story-driven theme. A mysterious radio call from a lost civilisation has crossed the galaxy, and now a group of alien archaeologists must decipher the message and reveal the secrets of these ancient people.

This world’s characters each come with their own artwork, drawn in a black and white style, harkening back to old science fiction movies. This potential theme could prove a great way to flesh out the current offering of extra-terrestrial minifigures with some unique designs and pieces.


LEGO World Builder Bio calypse

By its name alone, LEGO fans are sure to be excited about this world. BIO-CALYPSE is a love letter to LEGO BIONICLE and EXO-FORCE. It focuses on a group of minifigures piloting a series of familiar looking mechs against mysterious enemies.

V14 is the architect behind this project and has given great thought into the story and origins of the world. BIONICLE fans will no doubt spot that one of the proposed mechs shares its design and temporary name with the Rahkshi, one of the series of figures from the legendary theme.

The artwork for this world is fantastic, and the story has been strongly developed, with the first arc outlined in the project. This theme would be great for a return to the designs of BIONICLE. Also it gives a chance to further expand the lore behind the fan-favourite theme and bring it into the modern day, without relying on the Constraction system.

3 – NINJAGO “Vaporized”

LEGO World Builder ninjago vaporised

One unique aspect of LEGO world Builder compared to LEGO Ideas is the encouragement to expand current LEGO themes. In this project, another season of LEGO NINJAGO is pitched, with a steampunk twist.

NINJAGO ‘Vaporized’ from julio8 tells the story of a realm in danger, with a mysterious character asking the heroic ninja team for help. The realm in question depicts a steampunk world of gears and cogs, with the idea proposing a few new elements.

Those include new hair with built in goggles, a new armour piece with integrated gears and a bulky arm with armour. The artwork and renders for this project are some of the best, sticking to a consistent style that showcases the steampunk vehicles. It isn’t hard to imagine some of the pitched vehicles in LEGO form.

2 – Space Repair Garage

LEGO World Builder space repair garage

One of the more popular genres on LEGO World Builder is sci-fi, so it was hard to pick just two for this list. This second sci-fi world offers an opportunity to expand and incorporate the different worlds of LEGO Space into one.

From Space Police to Classic Space, LEGO fans love the LEGO Group’s original space offerings. This world aims to create another, with opportunity for theme integration. Space Repair Garage tells the story of a team of mechanics keeping the galaxy’s pilots flying.

It may be a less story driven world but Space Repair Garage provides more than enough ideas for the LEGO Group to use, with some fantastic models including the bulky space tow truck. Space Repair Garage could be an excellent sci-fi theme to bring together the world of LEGO Space once and for all.

1 – Remyth

LEGO World Builder remyth

Remyth is easily one of the most fully fleshed-out worlds on the LEGO World Builder platform, featuring a diverse cast of characters and an innovative gimmick to drive creativity. Why settle for one mythical creature, when you can have all of them?

Remyth tells the tale of a world unbalanced, with a team of outsiders forced to tame the myths and defeat the monstrosities plaguing the world. All of that might sound a bit cliché, but being able to realise more mythical creatures in LEGO form (rather than more dragons) is enticing.

The new system for combining these creatures that architect mikerayhawk pitches would allow for LEGO animals with more flexibility. The system uses a base piece with connection for ball joints and Technic pins that can be combined with itself or other pieces.

With a mythical land currently under construction at LEGOLAND Windsor, maybe a mythical theme such as this is on the horizon.

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