Five puzzling things in the new LEGO Harry Potter sets

The new range of LEGO Harry Potter sets call back to both the history of the theme and the movies themselves but there are a few details that might leave Potterheads stumped. 

LEGO Harry Potter is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the theme in style with eight new sets releasing in June to commemorate some of the memorable moments from older models and the franchise itself. 

However, some features of the builds leave us to wonder why they are designed that way and if the puzzling inclusions are potential mistakes. 

Where is 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson supposed to go?

LEGO Harry Potter 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson featured

In case you hadn’t heard, the new collection of sets based on the magical school of Hogwarts are intended to connect, forming one cohesive model of the castle. So far guidance on where three of the four models are intended to be placed have been shown, but 76395 Hogwarts First Flying Lesson is left out of any instructional image.

Despite having connection points on the side and being able to interchange the modules in the build, the set has no particular placement within the LEGO Hogwarts, so fans may be left to decide for themselves where the flying lessons should take place.

Who asked for big minifigures?

LEGO Harry Potter 76393 Harry Potter Hermione Granger 5

We’re not quite sure who actually asked for the oversized minifigures last seen in sets such as 75967 Forbidden Forest: Umbridge’s Encounter to get any bigger, but according to the LEGO Group the demand was enough to warrant two massive models.

Whilst the details in 76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger are undoubtedly accurate to their respective minifigures, minus the cloak that Harry wears, it’s not what many might have been expecting from buildable characters from the Wizarding World. For example, builds like 43179 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters capture a more life-like interpretation instead of bigger LEGO minifigures. We’ll have to see if this is indeed a new avenue for the LEGO Group to pursue and who knows, maybe there is a market for colossal minifigures after all.

What’s happening with Ron on the box?

LEGO Harry Potter Ron puzzling

This one may be a bit subjective, but it seems that the promotional image of Ron Weasley used on the box of these anniversary sets is far younger than that of Hermione and Harry, almost as if he’s from another movie entirely.  

Yes, you could argue that this is an attempt to cover multiple movies tying in with the anniversary, but it lacks a certain consistency compared to the other characters, and he looks far more pleased with the situation than either of his friends do. 

Whose Phoenix is this anyway?

LEGO Harry Potter 76394 Fawkes Dumbledores Phoenix 5

That’s the question the LEGO Group seems to think that buyers of 76394 Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix are asking according to the set name. For comparison, the last avian model released for the Wizarding World, 75979 Hedwig didn’t need to name the owner of the bird. 

We’re not quite sure why Dumbledore needs to be name-dropped in the title of the set, considering that he is included as a minifigure. It may be that Fawkes simply isn’t as popular and recognisable as Hedwig is but it still seems like a somewhat unnecessary addition to the name, especially considering that fans almost certainly will know who this Phoenix belongs to.

What’s with the selection of golden minifigures?

LEGO Harry Potter fluffy encounter minifigures

The golden minifigures scattered across the new range of Harry Potter sets are a nice bonus to the collection, and some may choose to complete the lot by buying every single model. However, we can’t help but question why the golden Hermione was chosen to be included in 76386 Hogwarts Polyjuice Potion Mistake, a set that already contains a minifigure of the student. 

Rather than include two Hermione minifigures in similar uniforms as part of one set, it would have been just as easy to switch the golden character for almost any other in the collection. However, it may be that there is some kind of hidden meaning behind this choice, maybe as a second mistake for the Polyjuice Potion.

You can pick up the full range of new Harry Potter sets starting June 1 and some are even available for pre-order now.

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