Five references you might find in the rumoured LEGO Friends Monica’s Apartment

A new rumour is suggesting that another LEGO set based on the Friends TV show is on the way, but what references might you be able to find in Monica’s Apartment? 

21319 Central Perk was a treat for fans of the 1990s/early 2000s sitcom, as the model was packed with Easter Eggs for the show such as a poster portraying Joey’s ‘Lipstick for Men’ advertisement or the group’s permanently reserved table thanks to a simple sign. 

But what might we see in the rumoured Monica’s Apartment model, with so many more episodes for the LEGO designers to potentially pick and choose from? Here are some that seem more likely than others.  

5 – The framed peephole

One detail that will almost certainly make its way into the alleged set is the framed peephole hanging off the door to the apartment.  Originally, this was meant to be part of an object in another part of the building, with the mirror within the frame accidentally smashed by a crew member. Instead, they chose to hang the frame around the peephole, and there it stayed for the entire series. 

4 – Ross’ memorial

In episode 17 of the ninth season, Ross signs up to his college alumni site, and upon annoying one of the other characters, they decide to get revenge by changing his profile description. This eventually leads to Chandler posting that Ross was hit by a blimp, leading the two to eventually make up and host a fake memorial service.  A small build of the photo frame could nicely represent this reference in the rumoured model.

3 – The junk behind the door

Since the first episode, one door in the bathroom of the apartment remained unopened for most of the show, until eventually we were shown the contents of this mysterious room. But instead of a secret passage or hidden temple, it was full of junk. This detail from the hilarious episode is an easy one to include with a collection of bricks precariously stacked behind the door. 

2 – The French poster

The 19th-century French poster of a child’s toy always remained a mystery amongst fans with the poster being a strange inclusion to the 90s apartment. It would be great to see this artwork recreated in LEGO form with a minifigure sat atop the rocking horse, and it would be a reference that fans would surely recognise. 

1 – The red sweater

A simple red tile placed on one of the rumoured set’s tables could easily represent one of the biggest bombshells in the history of the show. The item was used in an episode named after it where Ross claimed it as his own, revealing himself as the father of Rachel’s baby. This scene deserves some kind of representation in LEGO, and what better place than the apartment where it happened, ready for you to relive the moment over and over again.

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