Five sets you shouldn’t overlook in the October 2022 sale

The latest sale on the official online LEGO store includes several notable models but make sure you don’t overlook these five builds. 

From Marvel to Star Wars to Transformers, there are a lot of LEGO sets on sale on the official online store as of earlier today. However, while we’ve highlighted a few builds worth checking out already, other models shouldn’t be forgotten either. 

Here are five LEGO sets newly on sale that you shouldn’t overlook on the official online store, especially with double VIP points and a free set in the UK and Europe. 

5 – LEGO Ideas 21328 Seinfeld 

21328 scaled

LEGO Ideas is home to many sitcom sets, with another added recently in the form of 21336 The Office. However, retiring later this year is 21328 Seinfeld, based on the show of the same name. 

Including five minifigures and 1,326 pieces making up the main scene of the series as well as a smaller stage, 21328 Seinfeld is on sale now at 20% off for £55.99 / €63.99 instead of £69.99 / €79.99. 

4 – LEGO Harry Potter 76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger 


The LEGO Group’s huge recreation of the Harry Potter and Hermione Granger minifigures is still available but also retiring later this year. 

It includes no minifigures but the models depict massive versions of a standard minifigure with realistic movements, at least for a minifigure, and two giant wands. You can find it on now at 20% off for £91.99 / $95.99 / €103.99 down from £114.99 / $119.99 / €129.99 

3 – LEGO Art 31207 Floral Art 


The smallest and least expensive of the LEGO Art sets is now even more accessible as 31207 Floral Art is 20% off. This mosaic model may be smaller than other LEGO Art creations but you can still make whatever you want with the pieces instead of the official designs. 

Whether you prefer 31207 Floral Art to be a flower or another mosaic, you can get it now for £47.99 / €55.99 instead of £59.99 / €69.99. 

2 – LEGO DC 76238 Classic TV Series Batman Cowl 

76238 prod 01 2wtegcog9tq4nusn

LEGO DC hasn’t had too many entries into the wider Helmet Collection, or many sets in 2022, but you can amend that missing spot in your collection with 76328 Classic TV Series Batman Cowl and represent an iconic era of Batman

The retiring 76238 Classic TV Series Batman Cowl includes 372 pieces for £43.99 / €47.99, which is 20% off the usual price of £54.99 / €59.99. 

1 – LEGO Marvel 76177 Battle at the Ancient Village 


LEGO Marvel is also included in the sale with the Shang-Chi sets reduced, making it a great opportunity to grab these minifigures before a potential return in the MCU. 

While this set would usually set you back £34.99 / €39.99, right now it’s available at 20% off for £27.99 / €31.99. It’s also worth noting the exclusive minifigures in 76176 Escape from the Ten Rings, which is also 20% off in the UK and Europe. 

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