Five things LEGO fans learned from International Toy Fair

Toy Fair season is underway, with plenty of new LEGO information coming out of the events to excite fans

The LEGO presentation and press tour of International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany has happened. With no pictures allowed aside from those of LEGO DOTS, fans have set numbers, names, prices and the odd description to make sense of.

Here are five of the most interesting bits of news coming out of the German and UK toy fairs…

Adult fans are a target market

For years, the received wisdom has been that LEGO products are for children and that the adult market is just a drop in the ocean. With cultural changes encouraging adults to spend more money on toys, the adult market is increasing at a time when the LEGO Group has the entire child market in the west sewn up. That small percentage of adults is suddenly looking more appealing.

With many sets that appeal to adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) already released each year, sets aimed at adults who are not already in the club are likely to offer something different to the tried-and-tested format.

LEGO Marvel is trying something new

The LEGO Marvel theme has been running for eight years now, with things about to be shaken up by 76165 Iron Man Bust. This will be the first retail set for the theme that does not either include minifigures or use the constraction format. Priced at just €59.99, it will be on the small side but could make for an effective display piece.

It is time for LEGO Pirates

LEGO Creator must have a Pirates fan on the design team, because after 31084 Pirate Rollercoaster was infused with design aspects from the classic theme, an entire set has now been inspired by the fan favourite – 31109 Pirate Ship. This new set is clearly intended to be a smaller version of those classic vessels, using fewer cloth sails and hull sections.

Will it share parts or minifigures with the upcoming LEGO Ideas The Pirate Bay set? It seems likely.

LEGO DOTS 41904 Picture Holders 1

LEGO DOTS has arrived

After an initial false start, LEGO DOTS has arrived this year and offers children the opportunity for a new kind of creative expression. It is not the most revolutionary concept that has come from the LEGO Group, but it does allow the company to take a step into the arts and craft section of the toy shop.

The point of interest for adult fans is the new tiles, with dozens of 1×1 elements with new prints coming as part of the theme.

LEGO NINJAGO has got game

Although the mechanics are not entirely clear yet, the location based LEGO NINJAGO sets will be able to be combined to create a board game. It seems to be based on hobby style board games, with a new die element being developed (only prototypes of the piece were shown at the event).

Lamborghini, Fast & Furious continue the Technic licensing trend

LEGO Technic has introduced some neat licensed sets recently, with plenty more on the way. As well as 42107 Ducati Panigale V4R, 42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey Helicopter and 42114 Volvo Loader, Lamborghini and Fast & Furious sets have been teased. There will be plenty of big, functional, detailed sets for fans of the theme to keep up with.

In a few weeks it will be time for New York Toy Fair, when there may be more information to share…

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