Five things the LEGO designers wish were included in 21336 The Office

LEGO Ideas 21336 The Office packs in over 100 references – but the design team responsible for bringing it to shelves still wishes there were a few more.

Undoubtedly the single-most densely-packed sitcom set yet, 21336 The Office crams in an incredible number of details alongside its unprecedented number of minifigures. But beyond missing a few key characters from the show’s later seasons – such as Andy Bernard and Erin Hannon – the 1,164-piece model is also absent a few references and nods that the designers wish they’d have had space to include.

Here are five things the LEGO design team (and fan designer Jaijai Lewis) would have liked to have seen in 21336 The Office, according to YouTuber Ashnflash.

5 – A reference to Dinner Party

The Office The Hunted
Image: NBC

Like many The Office fans, LEGO designer Laura Perron – who transformed Jaijai Lewis’s Ideas submission into 21336 The Office alongside her partner, Chris Perron – namechecks Season 4’s Dinner Party as her favourite episode of the long-running sitcom. And she says a reference to what’s possibly the series’ cringiest 30 minutes would have been great to see, potentially in the form of Hunter’s album, The Hunted.

4 – A folder marked Mr. A Knife

The Office Mr A Knife 1
Image: NBC

21336 The Office packs in at least two references to Dwight’s hidden weapons – which are scattered around the building to help him defend against intruders – through a throwing star in his desk drawer and a sword in front of his desk. But fan designer Jaijai Lewis says he’d have also liked to have seen a folder labelled ‘Mr. A Knife’, referencing Season 4’s Survivor Man, in which Dwight reveals the location of his hidden blade.

3 – A portion of the ceiling

The Office Oscars legs
Image: NBC

In similar fashion to every sitcom set before it, 21336 The Office doesn’t include any kind of ceiling, so as to better showcase and access all of the model’s features. But given how integral it is to one of the show’s best moments – the opening to the Season 5 two-parter Stress Relief, in which Dwight causes mass panic by simulating a fire – Chris Perron says a ceiling would have been funny to include, if only to see Oscar’s legs sticking out when he tries to crawl away.

2 – A launch feature for Bandit

The Office Bandit ceiling
Image: NBC

That wouldn’t have been the only benefit of including a roof to 21336 The Office, of course. In the same episode, Angela throws her cat Bandit into the ceiling to save him from the fire – but he immediately crashes back down again. The set’s graphic designer Diego Sancho says he wished there ‘could have been a launch feature’ for Bandit, presumably to re-enact at least one half of the moggy’s most memorable moment.

1 – At least one reference to Erin

The Office Erin
Image: NBC

While he’s missing from the set – apparently because he’s away at anger management21336 The Office does include a reference to Andy Bernard, in the form of the hole he punched in the wall. There are no specific references to Erin Hannon, however, who replaces Pam as the office’s receptionist in Season 5. Fan designer Jaijai Lewis says he wishes the set could have included at least one nod to the character, and we’re inclined to agree.

All this is not to say that 21336 The Office is short on references, of course. You can check out five you might have missed here, and find them all by picking up the latest LEGO Ideas set from right now.

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