Four ideas that could be the next LEGO movie

Another LEGO movie has been confirmed to be in development by producer Dan Lin and we’ve got some ideas for what it could be, from original stories to familiar tales. 

In a recent podcast episode, producer Dan Lin stated that the next LEGO movie is in development right now and that an announcement is coming soon, posing the question of what the film will be about. So far, the LEGO Group’s cinematic endeavours have included construction workers, superheroes, ninjas and a musical, though those films were made in partnership with Warner Bros. 

With the LEGO Group signing a deal since then with Universal Pictures for the distribution and development of the next LEGO movie, or movies depending on how quickly they release, we’ll keep this list limited to ideas that are realistic given the partnership. These are only speculation and no official details on the next LEGO movie have been confirmed at this time.

4 – NINJAGO, again 

the lego ninjago movie

While a NINJAGO movie was released in partnership with Warner Bros., the theme is still owned by the LEGO Group, meaning they might be able to make another movie using the license provided it’s different enough.

Following The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, there may be lessons to learn in terms of the narrative and characters. However, it was still one of the most beautifully animated LEGO movies, blending bricks with nature and it gave us a range of interesting models, offering a reason to give the theme another chance on the silver screen.

3 – LEGO Fast & Furious 

76912 WEB SEC03 NOBG

Since we received a LEGO Batman film when the LEGO Group was partnered with Warner Bros., it seems only fair to dig through the properties owned by Universal Pictures’ parent company to see what could work well as animated LEGO bricks. 

Fast & Furious films have become increasingly ambitious, and maybe a tongue-in-cheek LEGO parody film is exactly what the franchise needs next. One of the characters even has a minifigure ready-made in 76912 Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.

2 – A new genre 

LEGO ICONS 10497 galaxy explorer lifestyle held featured

After exploring comedies, musicals, mechs and superheroes, we’d like to see a LEGO movie focusing on something new for brick-based films.  

It could possibly expand on something featured before like space or westerns or showcase an entirely new topic for LEGO movies, such as spies. 

1 – A crossover movie 

No, we aren’t suggesting that LEGO Dimensions could come back as a movie as host Joel McHale at LEGO CON 2022 made it clear that that crossover is gone for the time being. However, Universal’s wider company has a variety of intellectual properties that could be used in an animated LEGO crossover film. 

Looking through the list of properties that could be utilised, many of them already have a LEGO presence including Minions, Jurassic World, Back to the Future and The Office, potentially making a brick-built crossover movie easier since groundwork has already been laid. 

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2 thoughts on “Four ideas that could be the next LEGO movie

  • 27/10/2022 at 15:53

    Ich finde Ideen für Imagefilme immer total spannend. Während meines Studiums hatte ich viele Ideen für verschiedene Imagefilme für Unternehmen. Das hat mir immer schon viel Spaß gemacht.

  • 08/08/2022 at 04:22

    Like warner animation group. Lego movies should be under Illumination and univeraal


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