Four LEGO Advent Calendars with jumpers we’d love to wear

LEGO Advent Calendars have become a yearly tradition for many brick-lovers. However, recent minifigures in seasonal clothing have us jealous of their festive fashion.

From Star wars to City and even a variety of newer properties to the annual selection of seasonal LEGO sets, Advent Calendars are no stranger to including exclusive minifigures, but it’s only in the past few years that they have been seen outfitted with brick-based Christmas jumpers.

It might not be the time of year just yet but with five collections of 24 builds making up the offerings releasing soon, let’s recount the LEGO jumpers from Advent Calendar history.

76196 Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar

LEGO Marvel 76196 The Avengers Advent Calendar action shot

Marvel 76196 The Avengers Advent Calendar is the newest addition to the seasonal LEGO range and brings the first seasonal minifigures of beloved Marvel characters to life, along with a variety of microscale recreations of past sets.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker are treated to exclusive minifigures in the Advent Calendar, including a themed Iron Man Christmas jumper featuring an embedded Arc Reactor snowflake. The stylish sweater looks suitably festive with iconic imagery and would surely keep any hero warm in the cold winter months.

75964 Harry Potter Advent Calendar

75964 Harry Potter Advent Calendar minifigures

The magical duo of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are almost as iconic as their seasonal outfits in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The simply decorated jumpers both appeared in the first Wizarding World Advent Calendar in 2019.

Both jumpers have been made as official merchandise, and it’s no surprise as the LEGO versions look comfortable enough on their own. If the smile on the minifigure’s faces is anything to go by, then any residents of your LEGO collection might want to keep an out for the handmade clothing.

60268 CITY Advent Calendar

LEGO City 60268 Advent Calendar 5

LEGO CITY has been a regular participant in the annual brick-built Advent Calendars for what might be some fan’s entire lives. The minifigure variation has been similar between them with a version of Santa Claus usually included. However, with the introduction of LEGO CITY Adventures, that all changed.

Duke Detain is one of six named characters in the 2020 set and is sporting a Police-themed sweater emblazoned with the likeness of Cubby, a reference that watchers of the LEGO CITY Adventures show will enjoy. The adorable face pairs well with the cool colours of the jumper making it one of the most fashionable on this list.

75279 Star Wars Advent Calendar

Rounding out the festive fashion is a trip to a galaxy far, far away with the 2020 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Similarly to 75964 Harry Potter Advent Calendar, two exclusive minifigures are both wearing unique LEGO Christmas Jumpers in this set in the form of Poe Dameron and the surprisingly Jolly Darth Vader.

Whilst Poe is happy to represent his plucky droid companion BB-8 on the front of his torso, Darth Vader instead opts for a chance to remind anyone at his holiday party of choice that that’s no moon on the sweater, but the Death Star. If nothing else, it could make for a fun game. This seasonal trend is continued in Star Wars 75307 Advent Calendar 2021 as Grogu joins in with a smaller, but still just as festive design.

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