Four natural LEGO models that showcase the beauty of nature

The block-based nature of LEGO bricks might not seem to fit nature recreations too well, but these models prove that just isn’t the case.

From the swamps of Star Wars to the fan-inspired models in LEGO Ideas, the LEGO Group’s Plants from Plants initiative seems to have inspired a range of natural builds in recent years, with trees, bouquets and more becoming common, especially with the launch of the LEGO Botanical Collection.

With another tree recreation releasing soon, here are four of our favourite natural LEGO models, almost all of which you can buy on the official online store now:

4 – LEGO Botanical Collection 10281 Bonsai Tree

Either 10280 Flower Bouquet or 10281 Bonsai Tree could have taken this spot, but we’ve decided to focus on the latter set thanks to its alternate cherry blossom build that makes use of LEGO frogs for the petals.

The LEGO Botanical Collection, which also includes 10289 Bird of Paradise, is a shining example of how bricks can capture the curves and shapes of nature, without breaking the bank.

3 – LEGO Ideas 21318 Tree House

Retiring later this year and releasing well before any entry in the LEGO Botanical Collection is 21318 Tree House. This sprawling model uses just over 3,000 pieces to depict the thick trunk and canopy of a tree that has been lovingly transformed by a family of minifigures into a woodland home.

Aside from the tree part of 21318 Tree House, the base of the build that stops the set from falling over is also notable, even including a river that runs through and past the edge of the base, offering an opportunity for expansion, or leaving 21318 Tree House as a slice of the natural world to display around the home.

2 – 40530 Jane Goodall Tribute

40530 Jane Goodall Tribute was only available as a gift-with-purchase in the US, UK and Europe so might be harder to find for those who missed out, unless you live in Australia and New Zealand where the build will be launching in May 2022.

As a tribute to Jane Goodall, it only makes sense that this GWP depicts a section of a lush jungle, complete with rocks, a river and three trees in a small space. It also features more variety in colour than other builds in this list with the addition of red and orange flowers.

1 – 75330 Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama

Launching on April 26, 75330 Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama is one of the first three builds in the LEGO Star Wars Diorama Collection, offering a scene recreation of the swamp planet.

Outside of the three minifigures and small X-Wing assembly, the Dagobah part of the diorama demonstrates how even simple building techniques can achieve realistic curves with the roots, acting as a great backdrop to the overall scene.

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