Four more superheroes and villains that need LEGO Brick Sketches sets

The first LEGO Marvel Brick Sketches are on the way, joining two DC sets from 2020, but there are lots of heroes and villains that need a mosaic.

Brick Sketches has had a relatively sparse catalogue of models over the past three years, with 2020 seeing the launch of two sets for DC and two for Star Wars, 2021 revealing two more for Disney and 2022 only including two Marvel models so far.

When it comes to superheroes, the cinematic and comic worlds of DC and Marvel are filled with potential inspiration for more Brick Sketches, and here are a few characters we’d like to see in the future. Keeping with the trend of the recent LEGO Marvel Brick Sketches, this list will feature one comic and one movie character from both superhero franchises.

1 – The Flash

The Flash DC FanDome trailer featured

The Flash is scheduled for release in cinemas later in 2022 and a teaser trailer for the film was revealed at DC FanDome 2021.

While returning characters have been teased, Barry Allen is the star of the movie and a Brick Sketches set depicting his latest superhero suit, with the yellow energy coursing through it.

2 – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman DC
Image: DC

Wonder Woman has also had two movies in the DCEU, but her comic appearances have a more varied collection of costumes.

Considering that mostly the head would likely be captured in Brick Sketches form, the character’s determined expression and metallic tiara might translate well to the miniature portraits, maybe even using drum-lacquered elements.

3 – Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

After her appearance in WandaVision, the Scarlet Witch has embraced will soon appear again in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, sporting her latest costume featuring a maroon and red colour scheme.

We can imagine a Brick Sketches set for the Scarlet Witch being similar in design to one for Wonder Woman, especially with the dark red piece and its intricate structure.

4 – Thanos

Thanos Marvel
Image: Marvel

Thanks to the popularity of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Thanos has become one of the most recognisable Marvel villains. Both comic and movie designs have appeared as LEGO minifigures and either might make an ideal subject for a future Brick Sketches set.

However, using perspective a portrait could feature Thanos’ armoured head in the background and the Infinity Gauntlet in the foreground as if he was about to use its cosmic power while adding something new to the current Brick Sketches formula.

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